Thursday, January 30, 2014

Another conversation with Vito

On the last week of December, I was desperately looking for a gown for my friend's wedding. Being pregnant, I was quickly filling out and nothing in my closet fit anymore. So off we went to SM Department Store. It really was wedding season since the dressing rooms were packed with women trying on gowns, too.

Vito came along to the fitting cubicle and when he saw me zip up the gold gown I picked out, he gasped in appreciation. "Wow, Mama! Perfect fit!"

I was so happy! "Aww! Really? It doesn't make me look fat?"

"Oh," he shrugged. "You look fat. See your tummy? Very big!"

The whole dressing room erupted in laughter. Kainis! I laughed, too, actually, and retorted, "That's because Mama is pregnant!" Haha, defensive. I said that loudly so that every single woman in that dressing room will hear but that just made everybody laugh more haha

When I told Vince what happened, he laughed and said, "Never ever ask a guy if you're fat!"

Well, I think I looked just fine teehee.

I'll be blogging about this beautiful wedding (probably the most love-filled and stylish wedding I've ever been to!) on Topaz Horizon this weekend!

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  1. You're beautiful, Ms. Frances. :)

    "Never ever ask a guy if you're fat!" ----> This is so true!

  2. I had a similar experience with my son. I wasn't pregnant, though, so no excuse for my belly haha! Don't you just love life with boys? It's so entertaining (in a nakakapikon way sometimes) being the only girl.


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