Thursday, January 23, 2014

The 5 reasons why I'm a Pampers Mommy

I'm in the midst of this never-ending task of organizing the files on my computer and I saw these old photos of the kids. These were taken in June last year—Iñigo had just turned 1 and Vito was about to turn 3. So this was about two months before I became a Pampers Mommy digital ambassador.

We're buying junk food diapers here and Vito fell asleep in the cart. Typical toddler, he used to fall asleep just about anywhere, which we thought was so hilarious. We have other photos of toddler Vito dropping off (on top of the table, under the love seat, etc) but for this post, let's just do these two photos because this post is all about why I'm a Pampers Mommy.

For my babies bums, it just has to be the best disposable diaper because we're talking about their most sensitive areas. With Vito, I searched hard and long for a diaper that he was hiyang to because he suffered mild diaper rash now and then throughout his first year. I tried the cheap ones but we ended up with Pampers because of these reasons:

1. Dryness that lasts for up to 12 hours.

2. Moisturizing properties of aloe lotion.

3. Softness like cotton.

4. Breathable cover.

5. Comfy fit.

All those reasons point to one big issue: caring for my babies' skin! Many of us are worried about cost or we buy what our friends and fave celebs use/endorse, but what should only matter to us is our baby's skin. Especially that super sensitive area! Keeping my babies' skin dry yet moisturized, fresh and comfy yet secure from spills is what protects them from skin irritation, feelings of being uncomfortable and hot. They are happier, they sleep better and longer, and they're cleaner! All of this matters to me! And Pampers is the disposable diaper that met all my requirements.

I'll be talking about sleep, skincare and hygiene for a few more weeks as my stint as Pampers Mommy nears its end. For more information on good sleep for our kids, join the Facebook page of Pampers Philippines now.

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  1. Yes, Ms. Frances. I love Pampers more than other diaper brands especially the Active baby. They are super delicate to baby's bum and the diapers really last long.

  2. Your kids are adorable. Kakatuwa naman si Vito. Talagang mahimbing pa.


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