Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tormented by coughs and colds

This post is brought to you by Vicks Vaporub.

We've finally recovered from coughs and colds. The torment started just before New Year's Eve. Vito and Iñigo even suffered fevers. At my friend's wedding in Cebu a few days later, we might've looked all glamorous in this photo but we were feeling under the weather.

In fact, the camera caught Vito caught coughing here. Vince had just changed our boy's nice wedding clothes because Vito was coughing so hard, he vomited all over his shirt, pants and shoes. Meanwhile, I had finally pulled my styled hair into a no-nonsense bun because Iñigo kept using my hair to wipe his dripping nose. I also asked the makeup artist not to cake on the makeup since I keep blowing my nose and I'd look really weird if my face looks flawless but my nose was rubbed red. Sigh. The stories pictures can't really tell!

It's been three weeks. The coughing finally stopped. The noses finally stopped dripping. But still, that's three weeks of my sons unable to sleep well at night, with labored breathing, coughing so hard sometimes that they wake up and then vomit all over the bed. It's been awful.

Now I'm scared to leave the house. Not only is there a measles outbreak (my boys have only been vaccinated once so they might still get it), but I hear and read about viral infections and bad respiratory conditions of practically everyone I know (thanks, Facebook, for updating me!).

We Filipinos usually blame the cold weather for coughs and colds. Nalamigan, nahamog, naginawan. The fact is the cold weather doesn't cause respiratory diseases. So why the rise of respiratory diseases during the cold and rainy seasons?

Vicks says it's because we're in crowded conditions (see here). People stay indoors to keep warm (or dry if it's rainy), and the recent holidays meant shopping in malls, and then reunions and kisses on the cheeks, hugs, hand-shakes. Ugh! That all means germ transfers!!!

My family and I have actually been sick on and off since October. It's really been awful. It's just colds and coughs, nothing that warranted a hospital stay (thank God!), but we've been miserable just the same. To get better, we loaded up on multivitamins, used homeopathic therapy, slurped chicken soup, and dissolved Vicks Vaporub in hot water to steam up the bedroom and soothe our congested lungs and noses.

We are so tired of being sick. Thank God we're finally better! I am so looking forward to a healthy 2014!

For more tips on how to protect your home and your family from viruses and germs, visit this article the new Vicks Philippines website: "Don't let the cold and flu feel at home in your house!"

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  1. My kids were down with fever and flu at the start of the year too! It's very torturing when kids get sick. Not that they are feeling not okay but for us too because of sleepless nights and worry. I hope this will not be the start of anything bad for our health this year. Thank God they are all fine now.


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