Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Butt-saving tips please!

I'm not talking about my butt haha but Vito's. He's already 3 and we're still in the throes of toilet-training. I see other moms talking about how their kids learned to pee and poop in the toilet in three days and I am in despair because it's been months and we're nowhere near big boy potty success!

It's my fault actually. One thing that's really stopping me is his diaper rash. As you all know, we use Pampers in this house. But since we started toilet-training Vito, we've taken out the cloth diapers again. Or cotton briefs. (I used to put cloth diapers on the kids all the time—except for sleeping and going out—when we had maids, but after the maids left and I found myself at 3am late at night, washing poop-and-pee-stained cloth diapers, I decided my sanity was more precious!). Anyway, since Vito gets wet, his sensitive skin down there gets irritated so I took out Pampers again so he can be dry. The rash goes away and we're all happy again.

Yes, it's my fault!
Vito is pooping here hehe. We're at Mövenpick's garden. He refused to go to the toilet!
My friend Jennie of Marriage and Beyond said cloth diapers helped her toilet-train her son because the wetness made Jed feel uncomfortable so he became more aware of the need to go to the loo. I'd do that were it not for the rash situation. 

Questions to successful moms:
1. How do I take care of his skin while toilet-training him, mommies???
2. Did you use a cloth diaper or a disposable diaper? I'm getting mixed tips from everyone.
3. Did you do the training the whole day? OMG, I don't think I can wipe up pee all day. I don't have a maid and it's so hard for my pregnant body to bend over to the floor!

I have the most helpful mommy readers so you're all madaldal haha. Why don't you blog about how you toilet-trained your kid and how you took care of their bums, then leave the link in the comments section? I promise to visit and read each helpful blog post! I really need to!!! Thanks!

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  1. Hi Frances! My daughter had a rash too when I made her wear cloth diapers. My compromise: no regular diapers during the day except when she goes to the day care center (3 hours). And at night: swimming pants or panty *on top of* the cloth diaper so she doesn't get exposed directly to the absorbent (and apparently, rash-inducing) fleece lining. I also have a blog post about toilet training readiness:

  2. I have no suggestions but I'm commenting coz I want to read the responses since I haven't started potty training yet! :-) BTW, you are doing a fantastic job as a mom!!

  3. Sorry, I posted the wrong link. Here it is:

  4. Funny, I just posted a post about it. But you have to know that I'm a first time mom and we have only gone through the wee-wee thing but here's my link:

    However, I have no words to offer about rash because my S never experienced one. I will apologize beforehand if my post will not help at all. Hahaha.

  5. My turning-3-yr. old boy learned to pee in the toilet by watching his dad pee. haha. i left him without a diaper for one weekend, following his daddy whenever he went to the loo. he walked around the house with just his shirt on, and when he needed to pee he ran to the toilet all by himself! it was wonderful, i didn't even formally train him! plus going bottom-less helped heal his itchy singit. haha. he still doesn't poop in the toilet though, he would ask me to put on his diaper whenever he needs to poop :p

  6. My nephew was potty trained as early as 1 yr and 4months old. My cousin says she didn't do anything special. Ayaw daw kasi ni bagets na mag diaper. Irritated sya sa diapers so he's wearing shorts and briefs only on day time. He'd only use diapers pag tulog na. I notice that my cousin would train him by telling the kid na he should tell if wiwi sya. And during the early days, once nag wiwi sya, she'll carry the kid sa potty nya. With matching, "yuck kadiri! amoy wiwi ka na. next time tell me pag wiwi. baba shorts." now he's 2 yrs old and super potty trained na talaga. Even sa malls, no need na for diapers. He'll tell you na wiwi or poopoo sya. I hope I can also do it sa baby ko. I also notice na pag ang baby sanay sa diaper maghapon at magdamag, mas mahirap i-potty train. my other pamangkins are like that eh.

  7. The first thing I did was to buy her a potty book. As in story book na ang kwento ay ang pagpoop at pee. Then bought her her own cute bowl. Hindi niya ginamit! Haha! Gusto niya yung toilet bowl na. Pero pag pupunta dun, uupo lang siya wala namang gagawin. Nung medyo tinamad akong magturo, pinabayaan ko na lang. Sabi ko sa sarili ko bakit parang hindi natututo. Aba, bigla akong kinalabit, hinuhubad yung diaper. Hehe. I took that as a hint, I bought her underwear. Yes, hindi cloth diaper. Try buying Vito cute briefs! Tapos ang best daw na magturo sa boys eh the dads. Kasi whenever I pee noon, sinasama ko yung daughter ko para makita niya the whole process. Medyo mas matagal sa pagpoop, natututo lang siya nang biglaan nung I told her na her classmates do not wear diapers anymore. As in May lang, a month before school starts. Naku, if we're just neighbors, I'd help you with the kids. Kaso layo mo eh. Good luck! ♥

  8. Hi Frances, I have three boys. My youngest one is now 8. I potty-trained all of them in less than a week. I just took off their diapers the whole day. The first day was the hardest because they would really pee all over your house. I would try to keep a close watch at them while holding a "tabo" and try to catch their pee. Still, there would still be times when I would be too late to catch it. The 2nd day, my catching average increases as the boys would have a sense of their pee coming out. They would either look at me or look down, anticipating the pee so because of this warning, I would have time to go to their side even before it goes out. And this would go on probably until the 4th day when they themselves would tell me they need to go to the bathroom. Two of my kids were potty-trained a little over 1 year old. My middle child was potty trained by 9 months. Depending on the child's development, you can actually determine if they are ready to be trained or not. Hope this helps you.

  9. HI Frances! I blogged about our potty training journey hehe. Yes, I think it's a journey because we did it slowly. First, we trained her pee on the toilet and then she learned to poop on the toilet. I hope you pick some helpful tips on what I wrote.

  10. Hi Frances,

    We use Mustela Vitamin Barrier for the nappy rash, it's really effective! :)

  11. I agree with some posts here. the only effective way to do it is not to use any diaper or pull ups. we have our son wear underwear. at first he made accidents but he learned fast. accident is inevitable but if you keep him wearing diaper he will not learn... my friend told me that too..

  12. I use Tiny Tots weewee soakers (she has a facebook account) for my son. It's like a regular brief but padded well (not too thick) that it holds the weewee without spills. I read that you need to bring them to the toilet every 30 mins so they can get used to it. Don't fret since my son is 4 and not toilet trained yet. I'm still saving up on patience to be able to do it :)

  13. I I have little experience on rashes since my son never had it, but probably just do not keep the soiled or wet diaper or brief on for a long time? As regards to potty training, mine is also a long process and we are getting there. Here is the link to my post

  14. With pee, time him. What I did with my boy was let him pee before sleep and set the timer. For example, you think he pees every 3 or 4hrs, then take that as your guide. I used to wake up in the middle of the night and carry him to the bathroom asleep, sing the wiwi song (you know the ssssssswiswiswi sound) until he's done and do it again after another 3 hrs. I can't let him overplay before bedtime kasi nasisira ung schedule namin. Sa poop, he has his poop face kasi. I bet yours has too. When I see that, I rush him to the toilet and let him sit there. Ganun lang talaga may occassional accidents. It's just harder on your part kasi preggy ka. You are doing a good job though. God bless you and your family

  15. Hi Frances!
    When I saw this post, I just have to comment. I know every mother is doing it differently so here's how I got my son toilet trained at a very young age of 18 months. No kidding! My son just turned 2 and he does not use any diaper at all. What we did was we asked him "the magic question" if he wants to pee or poop ALL THE TIME. As in like every 10 minutes! Of course there are failures at first where he just pees anywhere and not say anything but it took like 2 weeks I guess. I was also surprised that it worked. The only bad side about it is that I still try to put him on diaper when we're at the mall or outside but he still wants a toilet for it even with nappies on and we have to run and look for the nearest toilet! Other than that, all has been good.

    He just turned 2 and two weeks ago, he started to wake me up once at night because he wants to pee so now he does not wear any diaper even at night. Hope this helps.


  16. Hello, Frances. I tried potty-training my son when he was still 3 and he peed all over the house and even the bed sheets! He demanded to put him back in a diaper. And I was at wits' end when the bed sheets got soaked so I put him back on diapers. Yeah, I lost to my son. haha..He's four now and he has so many reasons not to go to the toilet, one of them being he's too small and the toilet seat's too big. He's afraid of falling and getting flushed. T_T For now I'm letting him be until I get the patience to follow him around again.

  17. Hi Mommy Frances, I have 3 boys aged 4, 2, and a two month old. just don't rush your son. He will definitely let you know when he is ready for the potty. If he pooped or peed on his briefs, bring him to his potty and just tell him, he could pee or poo here. Before going to bed and upon waking up bring him to his potty. When peeing, just let him sit down para di na sya malito pag tunuruan mo sya sa pag-pupu. When he' s a few years older, he'd realize he can actually pee in the loo standing up.

    For protection against rashes, i find drapolene cream or petroleum jelly very effective . Good luck!

  18. We started potting training Jacob when he was around 8 months old. It was my husband's pushing and discipline that Jacob was doing #2 in the potty within a month. Of course there were accidents! Plenty of them! Nako, para kaming nag ppotty train ng puppy except with him hindi ata appropriate na pag latagan namin ng dyaryo. Haha!

    He's 33 months now and no more diapers during the day even when we go out. Constant asking talaga if needs to pee or poop. You'll be shocked we only had one incident of rashes, it was when we were delayed in Japan and had to use soap on his butt to clean poop. Apparently my husband has been washing his butt with Safeguard soap since he was about 2 months old Buti no weird reactions. That was our secret too, he was constantly washed with soap and water even when he was a few weeks old. Rarely used wipes.

    We used cloth diapers for a while too, but he outgrew them quickly because of his fat thighs! Sobrang tiring, but nakaka tipid nga rin. :) We used it while he was potty training na rin kasi laging alis ng alis ng diapers.

  19. Hi Frances! Started potty training Rael at 2.5 years old when I stopped letting him use cloth diapers as they became too small for him. I used cloth diaper safe rash cream Grandma El's from the States. We then introduced him to training pants and cotton briefs. We'd occassionally ask if he wanted to pee and assist, we also show him how to pee and poop. It was only when he started preschool when Rael made a breakthrough because he sees his classmates are potty trained. As for pooping, he tried it at the toilet but he found it a nuisance so whenever he felt the urge while diaper-free, he would squat in the corner with his pants down! Then we would have to rush him to the toilet. For us the challenge is how to be diaper-free during bedtime! As you can see, we haven't mastered potty training Rael but we also believe he will be ready in time as it becomes a habit na for him. Good luck!

  20. I'm a SAHM with two kids, Renee, who turns 5 next month, and Allie who turns 2 on May.

    I started Renee by letting her watch Elmo's Potty Time. I remember Renee was about to turn three and I was preggers with Allie that time. It was a bit of a challenge for me pero kinaya naman. :)

    I potty trained her bit-by-bit para hindi kami pareho mabigla. And then I let her go diaper-free the whole day after she poops in the morning. When it's time for a nap, I let her wear Pampers pull-ups. I use pull-ups kasi para feeling nya makapal lang na panty. And then I would ask her from time to time if she wants to pee. Then I'd let her sit on the toilet para masanay.

    A couple of weeks after that, I'd let her diaper-free na the whole day--naps included. I'd ask her to pee before napping para makatulog sya ng walang accidents. Pag sanay na sya mag-nap ng walang diapers, I made her sleep at night na without diapers. Although I check on her every four hours at night to check kung mag-pee sya. Boys are easier to detect kung magwi-wiwi because of his "tent" sa pants. Hehe!

    Remember that accidents will happen from time to time. And you have to be consistent. Otherwise, you'll start ulet sa simula.

    Oh and on long trips, it's okay to bring diapers. Pero you have to ask Vito pa din if he'd poop or pee. If there's no decent loo on the way, you can give him a "diaper pass". But you have to empasize that the "diaper pass" doesn't mean he's not suppose to use the loo anymore. He's just on nappies so he won't soil his pants sa byahe.

    Get him a nice toilet seat as well para matuwa sya pag-upo sa toilet. Also, bring extra tissues, wipes or potty cover, and potty spray para pag gagamit sya ng public toilet. A friend of mine's kid got scare dahil dyan. Kadiri daw ang public toilets kasi dugyot. Hahaha!

    As for the rashes, I use Vandol ointment. The underwear's fabric is a big factor din. Pag mainit yung fabric, mas prone sya sa rashes. Tapos kung nasa house lang naman, underwear lang muna sa maghapon para konti lang yung lalabahan. And para makahinga din yung privates nya. :)

    Good luck! ;)

  21. Since I work, I started my son's potty training (then 2.5yo) during Holy Week so I can supervise personally. Just wanted to share what we did and worked for us:
    - Week before, I started prepping him for toilet training. Showed him his potty and told him he'll start to wiwi and pupu there.
    - Dropped the diapers altogether. As in, I just made him wear shorts. No diapers, no briefs.
    - Every 2 hrs, we pulled down his shorts and made my son sit on the potty even if he didn't need to go. It's really to condition his mind that he'll need to do his business there.
    - We made him wiwi every time he woke up in the morning and from his afternoon nap.
    - When we went out, we made him wear a diaper but it's only to avoid accidents when we were out. We always brought him to toilet to wiwi

    After a week, he already started telling us if he needed to potty. However, when he's busy playing, he'd only say he needed to go at the last minute so we'd still have accidents, So we still make him go potty every few hours.

    Hope this helps :)


This is all pretty new to me so please feel free to share your mommy wisdom!