Saturday, February 15, 2014

I'm Elin's first brand ambassador!

Hi, pregnant and nursing mommies! I have great news for you. has a line of comfortable clothes in the softest material, just perfect for our changing bodies.

The other great news is for me—I'm Elin's first ever brand ambassador! It's a cute gig—a friendly favor so I'm allowed to wear other brands heehee—but it thrills me still because I have never ever thought I'd be gorgeous enough to be an endorser of clothes. And I'm endorsing fashion when I'm 37 years old and at a time when my body is so imperfect! How crazy is that?
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The first Elin dress I wore is the Delsey. Its soft material fits loosely around the body, has stretch, and features Dolman sleeves for those self-conscious of their arms (like me).
For the non-pregnant.
For the pregnant.
But Vince (happy birthday, love!) took one look and said, "It's too long." My husband likes it when I'm showing a bit of skin so the Delsey didn't really impress him. So I shortened it by tying it into a knot around my hips. Vince loved it!

I wore it to the hospital for my lab tests. It was so comfy and light and cool, it felt like I wasn't wearing anything at all! When I posted a photo on Instagram, lots of women loved it, too.

Thanks for making me your first ambassador, Elin! Mommies-to-be and new moms (and even not-so-new moms who want something comfy and stylish to wear!), check out Elin's maternity and nursing collection here!

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  1. The dresses look so comfy! Sayang they don't cater to my size :(

  2. Actually I find the style you're wearing up there a lot nicer pa than their regular stuff, lol!

    1. Thanks! Sa styling yan, para maiba naman haha =)

  3. Thank you for posting! :) We love how you put your own twist on the Delsey. Super cute! :D

  4. mas nagkaron ng dating when you tied it on the side. :)


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