Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Why do babies get diaper rash?

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As you all know by now, I use Pampers disposable diapers on the kiddies. I detailed all the reasons why in this previous post so today I want to talk about diaper rash.

My boys! Always mussed up, rumpled and crazy!

Iñigo never had diaper rash. Vito's the one who suffered from it until we switched to Pampers. We tried the cheap diapers and the cloth diapers, too. The cheap ones just worsened it. The cloth diapers are actually a great help but only if we change the diaper often (and we do because they're cloth). Vito's diaper rash was always mild since I'm always on top of it, whipping out the zinc oxide ASAP. Still, this puzzles me. Why does Vito get it and Iñigo never did?

First, let me state my observations with Vito. He got diaper rash when...
1. He used cheap diapers.
2. We introduced solids.
3. He had diarrhea.

Second, here are the reasons why diaper rash happened under those conditions:
1. Cheap diapers are made of substandard material and are of poor design. So what happens is they may irritate baby's sensitive skin, the plastic lining that prevents leaks may also prevent air circulation so the moist environment causes bacteria to grow.

Actually, it's not entirely correct for me to say that just because a diaper is cheap, it's automatically going to harm your baby. But you know the saying, "You get what you pay for," really applies to most things, especially the stuff we need to be of high quality, like the stuff that touches our babies' skin!

2. Introducing solids will change your baby's poop and pee. Maybe a new food will make your baby's waste more acidic, for example. So your baby's skin reacts to the new chemical composition of his poop or pee. If your diaper isn't a good one, or if you got lazy to change him out of his diapers/wet pants, or if your baby fell asleep with poop in his nappy, then his skin is exposed to the irritants in his waste longer.

3. When Vito had diarrhea twice, his skin got red and sensitive. It never got bad. Like I said, Vince and I are super vigilant with changing his soiled diaper, washing him with gentle cleansers (we like Mustela), and applying diaper rash cream. But the more than usual exposure of his skin to wet poop did take a toll on his skin. Hence, the redness.

And last, why does Vito get diaper rash and Iñigo never?
Well, I don't know. Maybe Iñigo's skin is tougher? Maybe his solid food intake never affected his pee and poop? Maybe because he never had diarrhea? I don't know really! I'm just glad he never had it! Did your kids ever have diaper rash?

If your baby is suffering from diaper rash, here are a few ways to prevent and treat it:
  • Regularly check your baby's diaper for fullness or if there's poop, and change it immediately.
  • Use gentle cleansers when you wash baby's butt. We like Mustela!
  • Use baby wipes that are free from alcohol and fragrance. We like Mustela and Watsons! If baby's skin is super sensitive, use wet cotton balls.
  • Let baby's skin dry completely before putting on another diaper. Check all the folds!
  • Applying a barrier cream can really prevent rashes. We like Mustela!
  • If baby already has a diaper rash, apply zinc oxide cream with every diaper change.
  • If you use cloth diapers, you really have to change baby's diapers more often. Plus, make sure you use gentle detergent since baby might be allergic to the detergent.
  • A good disposable diaper that keeps baby's skin dry and yet lets air circulate and allows baby's skin to breathe will definitely prevent diaper rash! We like Pampers!

So that's how we do it in my house! We always take care of the baby butts! It's also always a good idea to check with your child's pediatrician if the rash doesn't go away, gets worse or is accompanied by a fever. 

For more on caring for your baby's sensitive skin, like the Facebook page of Pampers now!
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  1. Totally agree with you with cheap diapers. My eldest got diaper rash so I never used that brand again with my second child. We switched to Pampers and used cloth diaper as well. :)

  2. we use petroleum jelly before putting diapers to Neo. somehow, its effective.


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