Tuesday, March 11, 2014

7 diaper tips and tricks

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In one of my Pampers posts, someone asked me how she should properly dispose soiled diapers when she and her baby are out and I said, "Scrape off the poop into the toilet, flush, then wrap up the diaper in a plastic bag before throwing it in the trash can so that you won't stink up your host's bathroom."

That simple tip made more than a few moms to exclaim, "Wow, I never thought of flushing the poop! I never thought of wrapping the diaper in plastic!"

Well, here are a few diaper tips and tricks I picked up from other parents and from the Internet:

1. New moms are told to buy diapers in bulk for greater savings. But when you have a new baby, you don't know yet which diaper will be the right one for your child. With my first baby, we bought a big pack but we ended up not using that brand because Vito kept leaking. We tried cheap diapers, expensive diapers, cloth diapers until we finally found the right one. So buy just small packs at first till you and your baby find the right one, then buy in bulk to save money.
Only stock up once you find the perfect diaper for your kids.

2. A changing station is a sanity-saver. It should be a good height so you won't break your back, and it should have space for everything you need—diapers, wet wipes/wet cotton balls, diaper rash cream, et al. Everything must be within reach since it is never advisable to leave a baby on the changing table while you run to the bathroom for tissue or to the closet for new diapers.

3. Never ever leave baby on the changing station or elevated surface (like the bed) unattended! If you must go get something, bring baby with you. If you can't place the baby on the floor.

4. While a changing station is a great idea, I found that multiple changing stations are an even better idea when the babies start walking. That way, you always have a wet wipe and a diaper within reach whether you're in the bedroom, the living room or the kitchen!
Baby Vito! We change his diaper everywhere—on the bed, sofa, pouf, and
even standing up in the bathroom at the mall!

5. Be quick. When baby starts to squirm and wriggle, this is the only way to keep both you and baby happy! If you're naturally slow, then entertain baby with songs or with a toy. My second son, Iñigo, likes to hold his new diaper. I tell him, "Will Mama's happy helper hold on to this nice clean diaper while I wipe you up down here?" And he's really happy to help! I also like that Pampers diapers feature different animals so we point out the animals and identify it or make its sounds.

6. Be positive. Never make your child feel ashamed or guilty about pooping or peeing. I know, I know. Poop smells awful. Babies also tend to poop just as soon as you finished changing their diaper and since diapers are not exactly cheap, it can feel terribly wasteful. But don't tell your baby he's bad for pooping in his diaper again, or don't make him feel bad because his poop stinks or looks yucky, or don't act disgusted. Psychologists have long said that potty incidents can affect a person's psyche. There have been links to bad toilet training experiences and adults feeling ashamed of their sexuality (and they either become sexual deviants or cannot enjoy sex at all). So make every diaper change, every potty training session, every trip to the toilet, even every accident just a normal thing!

7. Wash your hands. I wash my hands after every diaper change. What I forget is to wash my hands beforehand! I am, after all, about to touch my child's most sensitive areas and it's never a good idea to go down there with bacteria-laden hands!

If you have more tips, do share in the comments! Thanks, mommies!

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