Saturday, March 29, 2014

I took the Sangobion Challenge to love life!

This post is brought to you by Sangobion.

I'm so happy to say that Sangobion is partnering with Topaz Mommy again!

As I told you before, I've been taking Sangobion since 2009, when my OBG prescribed it to me when I first got pregnant. Now I'm pregnant again and I'm still taking Sangobion! It's the organic iron multivitamin that has really helped me in my roles as wife, mom, homemaker and career woman.

Of course, I can be all healthy physically but if my mind and attitude aren't positive, then life will still suck anyway. Since getting pregnant with my third baby, I've been short-tempered. It's really because I'm overwhelmed. I have to take care of so many things and of a lot more people now, and being pregnant makes the task more difficult.

So when Sangobion challenged me to Go Love Life, I just knew what I had to do: Change my attitude. I'm really lucky—I have a caring, hands-on husband. I have two beautiful and smart and precocious boys. My third pregnancy is healthy and without complications. We live in a cozy and fully owned home. My husband and I get to do what we love for a living. Why am I being whiny and annoyed?!

Yes, I'm tired all the time now. Yes, my sons are incredibly makulit. Yes, my body is ballooning and my skin is itching horribly. But I am healthy. My family is healthy. The ref is full of food. There's a good roof over our heads. Life is amazing. Full stop!

As a Sangobion woman, I promise to slow down, take care of myself, and appreciate my amazing life. I also promise to take Sangobion every day so I can go ahead and love life!

Let's do this!!! I'll give you an update on how I did on the Sangobion Challenge next month. I really really want to be a better wife and mom!

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  1. I super love your laugh in the first frame! So candid. And that little bunny there... hay soooooo cute! ♥

    1. That little bunny is really adorable =)

  2. You answered me pala on Instagram! I was not informed that I shouldn't take those two together! Buti I haven't taken calcium tabs yet. Okay, I'll start next week! :D I'm almost out of Sangobion rin!

    1. Confession: I always forget to take my calcium tablets! =(

  3. happy mommy, happy kiddos! way to go, Frances! :)

    1. Thanks! It's not easy, this challenge. Today pa lang, dahil puyat ako at ang init-init, ang sungit ko na naman =(

  4. Love this campaign by Sangobion! So blissful.

    I'm sorry you've been feeling overwhelmed — two busy little boys and a third on the way doesn't sound easy at ALL! Please let me know what you want to eat so I can have it delivered to your house — really.


This is all pretty new to me so please feel free to share your mommy wisdom!