Sunday, March 23, 2014

Looking cute in my Elin maternity dresses!

Hooray! I'm finally at that stage in my pregnancy where I don't look "Oh, are you pregnant or did you get fat?" but I'm not yet "Omigod you look so big, when are you going to pop?"

Yes, mommies, I'm finally in my second trimester! This is the easiest time to look cute and cuddly, and it's even easier now that I have Elin maternity wear in my wardrobe (thanks, Elin!)

For my first look, taken in February when I was 5 months pregnant, I wore the Georgia dress. This is the fatigue color, but I also have it in blue and black. As you can see, even when you're no longer pregnant, it will still remain in your closet:

On a pregnant body, it looks like this:
I hiked up the hem, by the way. It actually ends just above your knees but I like showing off my legs—the only part of me that doesn't look pregnant haha—so the hem is tight enough to slide up your thighs and stay up. Sexier look for sexy mommas!

For my second look, taken this March now that I'm 6 months along, I'm wearing the Amanda dress. This time the skirt is long and modest but I got this because am loving that deep V neckline. Great for showing off growing cleavage and for easy breastfeeding access when the baby arrives! Yes, you can also wear it when you're no longer pregnant!

My Amanda is a startling pink. It looks so much better in person! When I wore it to an event, everyone LOVED it. It's really such a pretty dress! I like the black, too (although I don't have it yet) but I do suggest you get this color. It's very vivid, not saccharine.

Oops, sorry, my kids were fighting. Vito was telling Iñigo here, "She's my mama. Mine only! She's mine!" And the little one was panicking. And I was thinking they were so silly and adorable. I did scoop them up after this and assured them that I belong to them both!

Anyway, I love my Elin dresses! I'm so glad they picked me as their brand ambassador because their dresses are so soft and cool and comfortable on my changing body.

Do check out the dresses and shirts for pregnant and nursing women on now. Happy shopping!

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  1. Hi Frances, you look good pregnant! :) Btw, saw you and your family in Pico. We said a quick Hi to Inigo who was with Vince, while you had Vito in tow. :)

    If you don't mind, may i know what size you got from Elin? I am also 5 months pregnant and i wanted to get an idea what size I am. I am definitely shorter than you, and rounder :) If you prefer to PM me, would appreciate it. Thanks so much and more power!


    1. I got both medium and large! I'm thinking kasi of my third trimester hence the large but most of what I got were medium =)

  2. Wow, you look great! I especially love the red on you..
    I like your pillows!

    1. Thanks! We had those pillows custom made from Restoration at Power Plant =)

    2. If you meant the white fluffy throw pillows, we got those from Rustan's =)

  3. Mam.. ang ganda nyo po :O..... nkakainggit..sana pag ako nagbuntis gnyan dn. hahaha!! :) I love those dresses.. pwede ka ng model mam!! <3


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