Monday, March 31, 2014

Shoe shopping at TOMS

A couple of weeks ago, my boys and I dropped by Nothing But H2O to get me a swimsuit since we were going to Batangas for the weekend. We were really just going to get the swimsuit but we bought TOMS shoes for Iñigo as well.

Here's what we got Iñigo:

And here's what I want for Baby Chicken:
Isn't that adorable?! I didn't buy it, though. I'm hoping that we'll get this for Baby Chicken as a gift when he's born (attention: aunties and uncles!).

I also saw these and wanted them desperately but—big sigh!—heels are no longer a part of my wardrobe:

I need summer shoes, you know, shoes that are meant for comfort and casual walks and sun dresses and sunny weather. And I'm loving the Spring-Summer 2014 collection of TOMS, especially when they sent me their lookbooks. Here are my favorite styles:

In my home, there are a lot of TOMS shoes. We support TOMS's advocacy of providing a pair of shoes to a less fortunate child with every pair of TOMS you buy. Some of my mommy friends think that TOMS is an expensive shoe, but we buy it not just for the comfort and the fun styles, we also buy TOMS because we know we're actually buying two pairs of shoes. That's why they're not cheap.

My husband and my kids are TOMS fans. I'm a fan, too, so TOMS sent me this pale orange pair.
Background courtesy of Iñigo's scribbles =)

Thanks, TOMS!!! You know my favorite color! So now I have new summer shoes. But something tells me I'll go buy those wedges anyway!

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  1. For a while there, I thought the last pic was a ballet shoe with delicate straps. Lol.

  2. Those orange Toms are soooooooo cute!


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