Sunday, March 16, 2014

Smart introduces service that nurtures a safe and connected family

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As you all know if you just look at the top ad of this blog, Smart is my sponsor. Hooray! Thanks so much, Smart, for believing in Topaz Mommy! 

Anyway, last week, Smart hosted a lunch for a mommy bloggers so that we can tell our dearest readers about their Family Ties Plans.

At first, I didn't really think the plans applied to my family. My kids are ages 3 and almost 2 so they don't need phones yet, while Vince and I work from home so if we needed to talk to each other, we walk a few steps and we're in each other's face. That's it!

But I'm glad I went to the lunch anyway because I found out how other mommies used their Family Ties Plans. One mommy said the plans are very useful for yayas. When mommy's out of the house for work or errands, yaya can always call if needed. Hindi na applicable yung "Wala akong load, ma'am" excuse! Another mommy says the unlimited calls and texts are priceless because her kids can not only call her for tutoring but they can also MMS their homework to her so she can help them out while she's out!  

Families are offered two postpaid lines:
  • Family Ties Plan 900 includes unlimited calling within the family circle, unlimited SMS to Smart subscribers, and 200 all-network texts, as well as 100MB of free data for each line every month.
  • Family Ties Plan 1800 comes with unlimited calls and texts to all Smart subscribers, 200 free all-network texts and 300MB of free monthly data for each line.
Both plans come with three lines and three smartphones of their choice. Initial phone models include the O+ USA 8.2, O+ USA 8.31, Lenovo A269i, Alcatel Magic, Lenovo A369i and the O+ 8.37. 
But families with more than one child can also enjoy these perks since you may add up to six additional lines per subscription by just adding P300 per line for Plan 900, and P600 per line for Plan 1800.

To maximize your postpaid plans, you can subscribe to various call, text and data packages through Smart Postpaid Flexibundles, which can be easily availed of via SMS.

What got me interested was the Vodafone Guardian App. I don't need this yet but I think you mommies of school-age kids with phones will be pleased to know that Smart has partnered with Vodafone by exclusively offering the Vodafone Guardian App. It's pre-installed on smartphones available under the Family Ties Plans and does the following:
  • With just a few taps on the app, parents can set call and text-messaging filters and ban certain numbers from contacting their children, which helps prevent the risk of cyberbullying and untoward incidents with unscrupulous individuals.
  • They can also help balance their children’s time online as the Vodafone Guardian App allows them to block certain features at certain times, such as banning the use of games while they are still doing their homework. 
The app offers enough flexibility so that parents can tailor-fit how the app protects their children based on their unique parenting styles.

Interested? Get Smart’s Family Ties Plans by calling 848-8877 or dial *887 on your SMART mobile phone. You can also go to the Smart Store nearest you or visit Smart's website for more details.

P.S. Don't forget to join the #SmartFamilyTies promo!

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