Thursday, March 13, 2014

Smart's new promo may get your family in their ads!

This post is brought to you by SMART Communications.

Smart has an online promo called #SmartFamilyTies. Here's what you have to do:

The first theme is graduation. This is currently running until March 21. Ads featuring the graduation theme winners will run on March 28 – April 5. The next themes will be summer, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc. Smart will be announcing the themes and I'll make sure to tell you mommies about it.

Prizes are free phones, gift certificates to restaurants, and an overnight stay at Sofitel for the whole family! Hooray!

Smart announced this promo yesterday at a lunch at Romulo Café in Makati, which I attended with other mom bloggers.
I did this! Because I love my blog sponsor! Thanks, Smart, for making me Live More!
Pretty decor for the mommies to enjoy.

There was a short program featuring supermoms Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan, Janice Villanueva and Ana Ongpin talking about how technology helps them juggle work and family in the best way. Smartphones help these moms and their hubbies to stay connected with each other and their kids throughout the day.

As a kinda busy mom myself—yeah, kinda busy only because if I'm very honest, I'm really not that busy!—I can attest to how my life has become so much easier when I switched to Smart a few months ago. With an iPhone, an iPad Mini, a strong and constant mobile signal and unlimited data as my tools, motherhood, marriage and work have become much easier to juggle and to enjoy.

I'll be talking about the Family Ties Plans this weekend. But in a nutshell, there are two postpaid plans that offer three lines and three handsets. Each of the three lines in Plan 900 and Plan 1800 includes Unlimited Calls and Text to the two other lines, Unlimited Texts to all Smart subscribers, 200 texts to all networks, data for mobile internet browsing and three handsets from an array of smartphones.

If you're interested in Smart’s Family Ties Plans, call 848-8877 or dial *887 on your SMART mobile phones. You may also go to the Smart Store nearest you or visit for more details.

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