Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Kiddie haircuts at posh Peppermint Salon

I've been cutting Vito's hair for a year now. I'm not a great haircutter, as you can see here:
My first attempt at cutting Vito's hair last year.

Going to a kiddie salon's been stressful because Vito freaks out when he sees and hears the other kids freaking out. Nagkakahawaan ba. Kainis pa the other parents kasi they're yelling at their kids, you know, yelling promises ("I'll buy you ice cream, kuya!") or threats ("Stop crying or else!!!") or taunts ("You're so duwag pala!"). Hindi naman kami maka-tiempo na walang tao sa salon. So, instead of getting stressed out, I just took it upon myself to cut Vito's hair. He doesn't have an ego pa naman so he doesn't mind looking awful haha.

But Iñigo is about to turn 2 and his curls were making people mistake him for a girl. So we decided that it was time for his first professional haircut. His first ever haircut!!! We also figured that maybe if sabay yung magkapatid magpagupit, they won't feel so afraid. So we went to Peppermint Salon in SM Aura. We guessed they'd like it there because every time we passed it, the boys would be so enchanted.

We guessed right! They loved it there! They loved that it was so bright and full of toys and things to do. There was a good selection of videos to watch. There was the promise of lollipops, too, so there was incentive to be on their best behavior. And look at how wonderful they were!

Vito goes first. We told him he has to be brave so that Iñigo will be brave.
We didn't have to worry. Iñigo just sat down in his plane and let the cutting begin. Not a peep!
Well, until the cutting happened around his ear. Then he acted annoyed, like there were mosquitoes in his ear.
Vito watching TV.
I love this part. Vito said, "Are you okay, baby?" Mommy melting here!
I love that red red red plane!
Vito got the car. Here he is checking out his new look.
No more curls! I'm sad! But he's still awfully cute nevertheless.
Happy with their lollipops!

Vince and I loved the salon, too, for all the reasons the kids loved it. I liked that the toys were clean, too. There was a good variety of toys and other activities. I liked the uniforms of the barbers, too, and how quiet and patient they were. There were still the loud parents and crying kids, though, but wala naman tayong magagawa sa kanila. Buti na lang talaga sobrang ganda ng place so my kids were so distracted.

Ang hindi lang nagustuhan ni Vince is sobrang malamok dun. Ako naman I didn't like that they didn't accept credit cards (I don't bring cash so I panicked nung magbabayad na). Medyo may kamahalan din siya but since the place was so nice and my kids liked it there, okay lang. Masaya na kami!

Peppermint Kids Salon and Spa Boutique is at the basement level of SM Aura in BGC, Taguig. Remember to bring cash and insect repellent!!!

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  1. Your boys are so gwapo! And they've gotten so big suddenly! We usually have home service so I can have a mani/pedi as well. :D

    1. Thanks! I thought about home service din but ang fear ko is baka magtago yung mga bata. At least sa salon, nakatali sila kinda haha

  2. Sorry, I just had to laugh when I see your Vito's haircut, the one you did. My girls love the place so much as well, have you tried their nail salon? -Joy of

    1. Click the caption dun sa photo para you can see the other photos of my gupit sa kanya! My husband didn't know whether he'd laugh or cry hahaha

  3. Grabe, Frances! I thought I was the worst haircutter, mas ka pala. Hahaha! :D

    Ang gwapo talaga ng boys mo. Nae-excite na akong makita silang tatlo together. Growing up with my father having five brothers, natutuwa ako for my lola. Parang ang cool lang na puro boys ang anak. Very Lualhati Bautista's Dekada '70. Sana you're still blogging when they're tweeners and teens na. Hehe.

    1. Ya, gusto ko talaga na lahat ng mga anak ko same gender. Mas simple ang buhay hahaha. Si Vince talaga gusto girl. Ako rin, nung una akong nabuntis, gusto ko girl, but when we saw na boy, I decided then and there na lahat sana ng mga anak ko boys.

      But now, if a prophet or an angel announces to us na sure na sure na our fourth child will be a girl, I'll get pregnant again kahit ayaw na ayaw ko na talaga mabuntis ulit!

    2. Yes, ang sarap ng may anak na babae though 'di ko pa naranasan magkaanak ng boy. Pero I took care of my 5 nephews kaya siguro sabi ni Lord, girl na sa akin. Hehe. Feeling ko lang 'pag nagkaanak ka ng girl, grabeng protected ng mga boys, especially ni Papa Vince. :)

  4. Hahaha. Nice try in cutting his hair. Buti na lang talaga di pa sya maarte kung hindi naku, baka inis na inis sya sayo Mommy Frances. Hehe =) I love iñigo's outfit ha?!

  5. your boys are so cute!

    my husband cuts my son's hair. at first steady lang siya, riding his bike in front of the tv pa pero nung makati na, hala, ngwawala na ang bagets. pringles lang pala ang katapat, lol.

  6. Thanks everybody for saying the boys are so cute =D

  7. I wonder why up until now i still don't have my son's first haircut certificate.. 1 1/2 months of waiting is too much.. GRRRRR.. they said that it would only take 3 to 4 weeks to have that one.. already called them thrice for any update but they're just making reasons and excuses and blaming others. and it's quite irritating.. the service was good but its just they have to keep their promise..

  8. Hi Frances, I'm encouraging you to join Peppermint's bloggers' contest...deets here:, you might win by writing another blog:)


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