Friday, April 4, 2014

Proud mommy moment: Iñigo's a coin bearer!

 We're just delirious with happiness that Iñigo became part of a wedding entourage!

The problem with getting married waaaaaaaay later than all your friends is by the time your kids are flower girl/bearer age, no one's getting married anymore. And I hate to admit it—because you know unsentimental, cold-hearted, no-nonsense me—but it's been my dream that my kids become a ring/coin/Bible bearer in a wedding. So thank goodness for my former magazine staff!!!

First, Kabbie made my dream come true when she included Vito in her wedding entourage two years ago. Now, Elaine did the same when she made Iñigo the coin bearer at her wedding to her longtime sweetie Russell!

I won't rain on Elaine's parade by telling you all about their love story. That's her show. But she and Russell have been together forever, I saw them grow up and grow more in love, I... I can't say anything anymore because I might get carried away and spill some secrets! Yes, I may have been her former boss but I like to think I was also her friend since Elaine was generous enough to make me a confidant when it came to her affairs of the heart. So I'll let her talk about her love story on her blog (if ever!) and all I'll talk about here is how happy we are that Iñigo became part of their love story as well.

Pre-wedding fun. That's Vito and Iñigo running up and down the aisle, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-style. We came early to help Iñigo get used to the huge church that is Santuario de San Antonio at Forbes Park. We were worried he'd be intimidated, but nope, he loved that red carpet! Methinks this kid will be my celebrity son. He likes the limelight a wee bit too much!

Lookit that proud little boy. Lookit his proud pregnant mama!

And here's the older brother! He's so cute, helping his baby bro enjoy the aisle even though there were lots of strange people (and strange statues) looking at them.

The groom in freak out mode. Just kidding. He was so chill and excited. He was busy making sure everyone was happy and cool and just as excited as he was. Russell's a great guy. Elaine's got her future in really good hands.

My little cutie! He walked, er, ran up that loooooong aisle all by himself! He didn't drop the pillow. He didn't cry or get scared. He was fantastic!

But nothing and no one outshines the bride! Here's Elaine in a ball gown and a veil that trailed meters-long behind her. She was so happy!

Milk break!

Me! We're still on milk break here. The kids were getting rowdy inside the church so we opted to wait outside while the wedding was happening so I didn't get to see anything!

With former OK! magazine girls, Lana, Kabbie and Nikki. And my boys! We're at Enderun's lawn for the reception.

Happy Vito! He's always a blur, my boy.

With the love of my life. Always.

The newlyweds start the dinner program with a dance. To 90s music! Such a fun couple! As long as you can find something to laugh about together, your marriage will be just fine, Elaine and Russ. Just have lots of fun, lots of sex, and never stop supporting each other. Always put your marriage first, yes, even before your kids! You are each other's safe place. You are on the same team. You are now one. Don't ever forget that!

And thanks for the super fun wedding! We had a blast!

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  1. Awww. Iñigo! I know this is unsolicited ha, pero feeling ko ha, siya ang fan favorite ng "Team Sales". Hehe. Anyway, grabe your skin sa photo, parang ang milky! :))

    Isa pang anyway, excited na akong makita kung sinong kamukha ni Baby Chicken aka Jericho Ro Sales. Wahahahaha! Kasi Vito looks like Papa Vince and Iñigo looks like Mama Frances naman.

    1. Shiseido Ibuki yan, Bebeng! I'm so pimply, diba? But my skin really transformed with Ibuki!

      Kami rin excited to see who Baby Chicken will look lik! Haha, hey, joke lang yang Jericho Ro Sales, ha! Don't get attached kasi that's not the name we're giving the bunso LOL

    2. Laugh trip kasi yung punch line mo eh. Although bet ko din yung Ninja Sales! Parang gusto kong makipag-fist bump kay Kuya Vito. Genius!

  2. Kudos to Inigo! If at the age of 1 he's not intimidated by a lot of people, what more when he grows up.

    BTW, I love your dress, Frances. It looks so regal for me.

    1. Thanks! It's Karimadon. It's super cheap lang!!! Plus it comes in chartreuse, navy and turquoise =) Get na!!!

  3. "For, like, ever." LOVE!!!!

    You look so beautiful, Frances! Your family is also so lovely. <3

  4. Hi Frances!

    Love the picture of just you and Vince you both look so good. So content and happy. :) thank you for always sharing... Its always fun and i learn something new most of the time about life, love and parenthood from you. Thank God for mommy blogs that make sense, teehee! :)

    1. Hehe, I wonder what you meant by "mommy blogs that make sense" tapos may naughty "teehee" pa after!

  5. Hi frances! i love reading your blog! Beautiful mommy with beautiful kids! i'm a new blogger and nai-inspire ako sa pagababasa ng mga mommy blogs like this.

    more power!

    1. Welcome to the blogging world! It's so much fun here =) Enjoy!!!


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