Friday, May 16, 2014

HOLA! magazine celebrates my favorite royal mommy

Presenting Kate Middleton, more famous now for her official moniker, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, wife of Prince William and mother of Prince George. That makes her a very important royal since she's married to an heir and is the mommy of another heir!

I like her because she's not like me. I'm all sorts of awkward and loud plus I suffer from constantly spilling my guts all over myself. She's discreet, patient, graceful, athletic, funny, compassionate, tall, stylish, and she does an amazing job of getting her way without antagonizing the status quo. How she can stand all the pressure and criticism and be as gracious and unperturbed by it all is beyond me. She's my peg!

So imagine how thrilled I was when HOLA! Philippines asked me to write this month's cover story on Duchess Kate!

This is one of the easiest articles I've ever done, mostly because I enjoyed doing it. Plus, since I follow Kate (yes, I'm a fan!), the subject wasn't so alien to me. It was like being asked to eat candy!

Grab this month's issue of HOLA! Philippines! Happy Mother's Month!

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  1. I definitely will get a copy Frances! So glad it was you who wrote it =) Naalala ko tuloy yung pina-autograph kong OK Magazine sayo =)

    1. Hooray! LOL Kaloka talaga yung nagpa-autograph ka haha Feeling Kate Middleton ako that day!


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