Friday, May 9, 2014

Iñigo's turning 2!

And that is why Topaz Mommy hasn't been updating! The mommy me has been very busy. Our little boy is going to be 2 years old this Sunday. Proud papa Vince has been giving Iñigo a gift every day this week (we did the same to Vito when he turned 2 so we have to do it to Iñigo, too!). He's such a sweet, funny, naughty little boy, our Iñigo. Just one of the very best things that ever happened to us!

Anyway, we're throwing him a little birthday party with the neighborhood kids. As usual with our family, we're just keeping the party tiny and simple. But this time, I'm so excited because we're trying out Eats Happy party food service. Eats Happy is a baby of Almost Gourmet. Remember Almost Gourmet? I got them to prepare the food for Vito's first and second birthday parties because their food is super yummy and generous and not expensive. So I was so thrilled when I found out that they are doing kiddie treats now!

We haven't decided where to buy a cake. Malamang we'll get from Red Ribbon, the simple chocolate one, nothing fancy or specially ordered. So we'll just get a simple cake, let the boys decorate it with candy sprinkles and M&Ms, then we bought a Lightning McQueen cake topper from eBay. Yes, Lightning McQueen! Iñigo's just as crazy about Cars as Vito was so I'm hunting for the highway I made for Vito's party and recycling it for Iñigo's party. If I find it. I have a sinking feeling I already threw it away!

Let's see. What else? What else? The usual party decorations from Celebrations Party Central are out and we'll put them up tomorrow, although Iñigo already saw them this morning and he got so excited. I took out my paper bags that I bought years ago from Paper Chic Studio and I'll be stuffing them with goodies for the little guests tomorrow night. That's about it, I guess. Simple, hassle-free, fun. Just like me!

Anyway, we celebrated Mother's Day on Wednesday with a lovely lunch of steak and tempura and oysters because this weekend is going to be all about Iñigo. I'll tell you all about Iñigo's birthday party next week! Happy Mother's Day, mommies! Mwah!

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  1. Wow Inigo is 2 na! Time flies really fast! Parang it was just yesterday lang when I was reading your posts about Inigo aka Wiggle :) Happy happy birthday dear Inigo! :) love from Tita Chrissy, Tito Lyndon and Kuya Lyndel :D Eat lots of cake and Eats Happy treats! :)

  2. Magka-birthday month nga pala sila ni Jacob! In 2 weeks ako naman ang busy ng weekend. And YES to EATS HAPPY! I was happy when Joyce shared the news of their new business venture. Kaso we don't know that many kids! Remember last year when I invited you guys?! Hahaha!

  3. Happy birthday, Inigo! Continue to spread sunshine online and offline.

    Happy Mother's day, Frances! The mood of this post is so different from the first mother's day post you had when this blog was just starting. Happy for you!

    1. Because it's not a Mother's Day post =) It's about my son. I was planning a post on mommy bloggers being unkind to each other because I was bullied last year by some popular mom bloggers (yes, it's true) but I figured for another day na lang yun. Dapat good vibes on Mother's Day weekend! =D

  4. Aww thank you so much for this, Frances! See you later. We're uber excited! :D - Dindi


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