Monday, May 19, 2014

Pahinga muna sa sponsored posts with this message

Now that I'm a full-time blogger, people ask me all the time how to get featured on my blogs, Topaz Horizon and Topaz Mommy. I'm lucky to have regular sponsored posts coming my way. If it were not for them, I won't be able to enjoy my current status of earning while being with my kids 24/7. Anyway, I welcome sponsored posts and, though I'm not pa-importante, I do have some criteria:

I'm mapili with brands I work with. The brand must be something I use or believe in, for starters. I'm okay with posting announcements and press releases and doing event coverage for free as long as the brand is aligned with my blogs and who I am (and if I have no kwento haha kasi ngayon na nasa bahay na ako palagi, it's not like my life is SO EXCITING!).

Helping promote Pampers sound sleep campaign

But if hindi ko type ang tono ng email, I say no. If the email starts with "Dear blogger/mom blogger/webmaster" and "To whom it may concern," I say no. If demanding si brand/PR ("Tell your readers to like/follow us, use all these hashtags and keywords, we want X number of posts plus social media campaign") at ang daming pinapagawa tapos "Thanks!" lang ang kapalit, I say no. I write well and I do spend time and effort, plus blogging time means time away from my kids so I do expect to be compensated. But that doesn't mean mukhang pera ako. For example, I can't resist small businesses, especially if they're run by mommies of small kids. Kahit walang bayad ang Ni-QUA and Elin sa akin, because natuwa ako sa mommy at sa business nila, game ako. Yes, even if I don't even use the product just as long as I believe in it, I support mompreneurs! Well, not ALL mompreneurs but basta bottom line pa rin is if I don't use/like/believe in the brand, it's really a no.

Being makulit with fellow Sangobion brand ambassador Cheska Garcia-Kramer

You know, I wish I could say yes to every proposal sent my way. If I did, mayaman na siguro ako. Kung pera lang ang criterion talaga, go lang nang go! But sa lagay, hindi pa rin ganon kalaki ang kita ko from blogging dahil feel na feel ko yang integrity ko!

I've heard that my being mapili has been misconstrued. You know, I'd rather be called a snob than be accused of compromising my integrity. Kasi in the end, my blogs reflect who I am and if it comes out na snob ako, well, kung ganyan kayo mag-isip eh di ganyan kayo mag-isip. Okay lang, kasi may pagka-maarte naman talaga ako minsan haha. Pero hindi ako fake at hindi ako sinungaling. Itaga niyo sa bato yan.

A video I did for NIVEA Baby's CSR efforts to help Fabella Hospital

Blogs are so tricky. Nung nasa magazines ako, tanggap lang nang tanggap kasi pera yun para sa company. So kahit na hindi bagay ang toilet cleaner and fungus medication sa glamorous Hollywood magazine, okay lang, i-feature asap! But blogs are an extension of the blogger. I seriously believe no amount of money should buy a blogger's integrity.

But I also won't judge bloggers who do it for the money. Hindi ko ever ma-gets yung mga blogger diyan na kung maka-judge ng mga bloggers who earn from their blogs, akala mo they poop gold dahil hindi raw for sale ang opinions nila. Well, good for you. Some of us need to make money, you know. We have bills to pay, mouths to feed. My opinion is never for sale, either. Nakahanap lang ako ng paraan para kumita ng pera in a clean and decent way. So to each his own. I live and let live and enjoy blogging!

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  1. Being "mapili" means you're willing to be different, willing to hold on to your beliefs. Different's always good, and being intentional is, too. That's why your blog is really one of those unique mommy blogs. I don't find it boring or "template-like," because you always speak your mind, even when the posts are for your sponsors. They still are personal and grounded! So keep on doing it, because it's a great example for others (though, knowing you, you don't have naman that direct intention!).

    As for me, I was such a boring sponsored post blogger, haha! I'm happier now; I've found my happy blogging place. Took some time, but I wouldn't have it any other way,

    1. Oh, Martine, I wish someday I can do blogging your way, you know, the blog is free from ads and sponsorships but it's the platform where I can sell my services as a writer =) Or maybe I can do that on top of the sponsorships! We'll see what happens!

      As for the template, sigh. Actually, this is what gets me into trouble with my sponsors. Kasi when there's a campaign, the brands send out the outline and requirements to all their chosen bloggers, down to the terms and hashtags, so I don't like that because nga I end up sounding just like everyone else! So the name of the game there is unahan sa pag-publish. So if napansin ko na maraming na-tap for the campaign, I ask the sponsor if I can write about something else. This usually freaks everyone out (agency and brand) but most of the time, the brands agree naman to my request. Whew!

    2. Hi Frances, I have loved this mommy blog ever since you started writing here. You were one of the first 3 people who left a comment on my blog. Super kilig moment for me!

      I think Martine said it all already. When I read Topaz Mommy regardless if the post is sponsored or not, I hear you. I hear you and I see my own story. I am sad for the blogs that I used to follow because their posts are not as interesting or relate-able as they used to be.

      So please don't change. Haha. Fan girl na fan girl lang.

  2. my blog has no sponsors and i'm not earning from it. But I have to agree to your point, Frances. Hindi ba, Sharon Cuneta is famous because of that when it comes to endorsements. She endorses only the brands she believes in.

    PS: I was surprise nagtagalog ka LOL :P

    1. That's ok, Nerisa! I started blogging in 2005 but I started earning only in late 2008 and super liit lang. It's good din NOT to earn from the blog because you have time to develop your own voice. So that by the time you do get blog partners, you know who you are, your readers know your voice, and the brands will have to respect that! =)

      P.S. Of course I can speak Tagalog! Super Pinoy here! I'm very Tagalog actually. I just write better in English. =)

  3. Hi Frances! I was supposed to write a blog post like this na PAHINGA MUNA SA SPONSORED POSTS. I just cemented my posts earlier and for the last seven posts, puro pala sponsored. I too, choose the brands I feature or partner with in the blog. I also agree that hey there is nothing wrong about being paid for blogging. My earnings from the blog has become my family's emergency fund. To each his /her own. Basta the most important thing for me is like you, I'm not fake. Kudos to you Frances! I super admire you for your honest, straight forward and no-nonsense worrying! Idol! :-D

  4. I've been blogging since 2005 (Friendster days!) but most of the time to rant! My blog has become an online diary of some sort and because I like sharing and I'm passionate about eco-living; I mostly blog about vegetarianism and organic stuff! So I don't think a lot of people would be interested in reading my blog. Haha. The whole blogging, money and free stuff thing doesn't seem to have an effect on me. Plus I have a love-hate relationship with blogging! So I try to keep it as it is. You know, that's why I admire you so much is because you're so real! I used to enjoy blog-hopping but I got tired of reading the 'Sponsored Posts'! Never been happier! Now, I just visit your blog and a handful of personal blogs that keep it real. I love your blog, really! :)

  5. very true, it all comes down to integrity and staying true to your own voice. i blog too, sort of, but I'm more a reader than a blogger and as a reader, it's really offputting if sobrang obvious that the blog is basically (or mostly) just there to gather sponsorships or freebies willy-nilly, to the point that some people have a bad stereotype of bloggers na. but if stay true to you, and keep writing in the manner that attracted your readers to you in the first place, they will still keep reading, sponsored posts or not!

    interesting, I also recently read a similar blog post over at Dessert Comes First ( very helpful, and posts like these (and yours) help promote blogging with integrity in general. nice :)

  6. Love this! Just got self hosted this year and have started working with brands. Not that much but it helps make both ends meet. We blog usually for the same reason which is love for writing but if some of us wants to earn on the side (me included), there is nothing wrong about that. There's plenty of room in the interwebs for everybody, we just need to respect each other's work. :)

  7. I wish I can make money from my blog hehe butno one would come. I think in here lets just live and let live. Lets respect other bloggers on their decisions =)

    nice post =)


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