Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Shopping for breastfeeding clothes on Elin

I'm officially 32 weeks, which means I am 8 months pregnant! Ohhhh, I can't wait to meet the little guy.

Vince and I are busy preparing the house for the new baby. Vince set up the crib and made space in a closet for the baby's clothes. We've given away tons of stuff just to make space but we still need more space! I've taken out of storage the very few baby clothes and blankets we kept from our first two boys and had them washed. The new ones, too. I'm so grateful for the new baby clothes that the sweetest people are sending to our home. We're slowly getting ready and I'm super happy that people I've never met are so kind and loving to send wonderful things for Baby Chicken. What else? I still need to buy bottles and sterilize the breast pump and milk storage containers. Oh, I need to take out my nursing clothes, too!

Sigh. It's so nice that Iñigo weaned on his own just this March, when he was 22 months old. I was afraid he'd go on forever. I'm so happy he just decided to stop nursing one day. I can now have my body back for just a few months before the third baby claims it. Hooray!

I'm already looking at new breastfeeding clothes from Elin. These are my favorites:
Stella P1450. I love both maxi dresses! Love the colors. I love that the cinch at the waist makes a post-preggy body look more shapely. And I love that they don't look like breastfeeding clothes, too.

Maggie P1250. Again, I like the cinched waist. But I need to fit it first to make sure the bunched up material won't make my tummy look bigger!

Cecilia P995. I already have this in gray! The blue one looks cute, too. I have variations of this design from other brands. It's a classic! But I like how Elin's take is made of lighter, softer cloth. Makes sense in this terrible heat.

Ellie P695. Super cute top! For when I can wear jeans again! Or a full skirt. I love the pale lilac. This will look amazing with my pearls!

For more nursing tops and dresses, check out!

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  1. Im still breastfeeding and 2 and a half year old boy. I want him to wean on his own... -j


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