Saturday, May 10, 2014

SMART partners with Uber for Mother's Day!

This post is brought to you by SMART Communications.

I love using Uber car service. It's what makes my life as a work-at-home mom possible. I don't drive, you see, so I need to commute. But because of all the scary taxi stories, I'm scared to take cabs. I was okay to use the MRT and the buses but since becoming pregnant, I don't really want to run after buses, squeeze myself in the train, and get exposed to germs especially with all the measles outbreak. So Uber's been the amazing solution!

Uber: Topaz Mommy approved!

Now, I'm happy to announce that SMART, generous sponsor of Topaz Mommy, has partnered with Uber to make mommies feel extra special this Mother’s Day with Uber Loves Moms!

Uber Loves Moms is the first ever Uber On-Demand service in the Philippines! This Sunday, May 11, with a push of a button, Uber will deliver a special gift basket full of wonderful goodies directly to your loving mom (or you can make your husband read this so he can send the goodies to you!). Don’t spend time running around looking for a present this year, let the present come to you! Uber and SMART will do all the heavy-lifting! Hooray!

How it works:

1: Open the Uber app on Mother’s Day, May 11th
2: Between 9am – 8pm, select the “uberMOM” option
3: Using the map, pin the exact location where you want your gift basket delivered
4: Watch live as our "Hearts" deliver your gift basket to your mom within minutes
5: Please keep in mind, availability will be limited so good luck!

The Full Wrap-Up
  • Cost: SMART Postpaid subscribers =  ₱ 200, All others = ₱ 400
  • The Mother’s Day gift basket will include the following:
  • The gift baskets will be delivered via Uber—at the push of a button
  • No cash required! Your Mother’s Day gift basket will be charged to your Uber account
Happy Mother's Day, fellow über fabulous mommies! 

Follow Uber on Twitter and Instagram (@Uber_Manila).

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