Thursday, May 22, 2014

Super loving SMART's international roaming services

This post is brought to you by SMART Communications.

Ah, the end of summer! Where did you go this summer? I didn't go anywhere because I'm just waiting to pop out my baby. Still, I can't wait to go traveling again! It's always fun traveling with my baby boys. Anyway, many of my friends are still not done with their international trips. That's not surprising since summer for countries in the upper northern hemisphere (like the US, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, UK, et al) starts in June, so lots of people schedule their trips from June to August.

Here's a tip from me and my blog sponsor, SMART: Get SMART's international roaming service. Before I made the switch to SMART, I kept my phone off when I was abroad. My first ever international trip was to London and I was alone. So before I slept at night, I'd give Vince a brief call. Hardly no texts ever and no Internet ever. Halfway through my trip, I was informed by my service provider that I have exceeded my credit and my line was cut. I freaked out. When I got home, I got the bill and it was huge! I hardly used my phone service! Crazy. That's why I always kept my phone off whenever I traveled.

But when I switched to SMART late last year (just in time for our family trip to Hong Kong Disneyland!), I was finally able to use my phone! For example, I shared with my followers this funny video of Vito:

Did you watch Vito? I explained the video on my IG status.

I was able to also share with my readers and followers the boys at our hotel late at night...
Malakas signal kahit anong oras!

... and even what we shopped for:
For once, hindi lang pang-emergency ang telepono ko!

Most importantly, I was able to keep my phone on and call family nung nagkahiwa-hiwalay kami. The Disneyland in HK may not be the biggest theme park but it's big enough to lose people. Even at the airport and we all went our separate ways to go shopping, I wasn't so worried because I was able to track down my kids (who went exploring with their Papa) with my phone. As a mom, it was a huge relief to me that I can rely on SMART to connect me instantly with family or even emergency services, if needed.

I love SMART talaga. I'm not just saying this because they sponsor my blog. I would never have partnered with them if I didn't like their service anyway. But I do and I hope you try them out, too. Especially if you're going abroad soon. Their new simplified postpaid zonal roaming rates makes it easier for you to track and control your usage while you travel. Plus, since SMART is partners with Conexus and Vodafone, you can enjoy lower rates. In pesos, too! Anti-bill shock talaga siya.

For example, for my trip to Hong Kong, here are the zonal roaming rates: PHP18 per text message, PHP50/min for incoming calls, PHP115/min for outgoing calls, PHP3 per 10KB data. But you can get lower rates in HK pa since it's under Conexus, which you must manually select as roaming partner. So it's now just PHP15 per text message, PHP50 per minute for incoming calls, PHP110 per minute for outgoing calls and USD10/day for unlimited surfing. Saan ka pa?!

For more information, visit to learn more and check out to see the rates for the country you plan to visit. Have a great trip!

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