Saturday, May 17, 2014

#ThankYouBaby for creating me!

This post is brought to you by Pampers.

I'm still on a Mother's Day high. And on an Iñigo's second birthday high. Mostly because this past week, gifts from brands arrived for both of us (thanks so much, everyone!) and so the celebration was extended.
My flowers dried beautifully. Now I can keep them forever.
I love this Mother's Day. It's different because this is the first year the flowers came from my sons. Of course it was Vince who actually came up with the idea and bought me my beautiful bouquet but this year, the boys went with him to the flower shop, and they all surprised me, and the little boys were so giddy at the secret they had to keep and they were thrilled at my pleasure.

I love being a mommy really. Sure there are days when I just feel like we've been fighting with the kids all day long (and they seem to be winning more often now). Sure I get tired and spent from all the loving and trying to be the grown-up. But there is never a day that I wish I wasn't a mommy. Every single day, even the difficult days, I am grateful.

I'm not going to bore you with the ways motherhood has changed me profoundly. You know, the things like "I never thought I could love like this" change since I think this is a universal experience for all of us mothers. Let me just share with you how motherhood has changed me in the most surprising ways:

Thanks to my Vito, Iñigo and Baby Chicken...

I am now more beautiful than I ever thought I could be. I love my body. I love how it made my babies. I love how it gave birth so easily. I love how I was so good with the pain of childbirth (the pain of migraines and breastfeeding is worse!). I love how I healed so quickly. I love how my body snapped right back even as it bore stretch marks and scars and bigger hips and wider feet. I love how powerful I feel knowing I have created life and how tender I feel knowing I can nurture life. I finally believe I am beautiful on the outside and in the inside, too!

I became a better lover to my husband. Must be that confidence mentioned above. It's just ironic that now that my body is imperfect, I love it more. Also, because we have such a difficult time finding the time to do it, sex took on a thrill, not unlike hiding from your parents but this time, we're hiding from our kids! Seriously, though, we don't have sex as often as we'd like so we make up for it when we actually do do it. Quality over quantity, I say, and this has done wonders to our marriage!

I redefined success. It used to be success was lots of money, lots of connections, lots of fancy stuff. Then the kids came and success now for me is lots of love and kisses! I dunno. Maybe I feel like this because my childhood dreams had already come true by the time the kids came. So by then, I could really focus on them. There was nothing—ambition, opportunities, greed, drive—to distract me from completely pouring myself into my role as mommy.

I found that I am real. Many people say becoming a parent changed them into a completely different person. When I was happily childless, I was afraid of that because I didn't want to be unrecognizable, you know? I liked me and I wanted to remain me and I wanted my kids to like me. I didn't want them to grow up and hear stories about some stranger people claim to be their mother. To my surprise, I may have changed in little ways but I am actually still the old me. And I am glad!

How has motherhood changed you? Do share! It can be silly and shallow, like your clothes are now stain-resistant and your shoes are now all flats. Oh wait. I'm talking about me!

Maybe this Pampers video will inspire you to look back and thank your children for all the wonderful changes they've brought into your life. I certainly thank mine!

God bless you all, mommies!

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  1. Hi, been a blog reader for a loooong time now (and a follower on IG). 1st time to comment on your blog (or any blog for that matter). Motherhood has changed me in ways i cannot even begin to describe - taught me to be selfless (arent you surprised by the amount of time you think about your kids and their well-being??!) and very grateful to my own mom (i think of how hard it must have been for her yet she was an excellent mom). I get teary-eyed just thinking about how i loooove being a mom. Im always stressed and such a worrywart for my kids' health and safety yet i would never ever regret having my daughter and son. I really do love them from the moon and back :-) - iris

    1. Oh yes! I have newfound appreciation for my parents...and also sadly, I wonder also why they made certain decisions (like they left us with relatives all the time or why my father decided to quit being a provider when we his kids were only 12, 10 and 8 at the time).

  2. We have the same sentiments! Except for the career thing. I used to be really bitter that I didn't have a 'the world is your oyster' moment because I've gotten pregnant so young! I know it's my fault! Haha. But it's just recently that I realized that it's okay! I know everything happens for a reason. And I'm happy with the way things have turned out! I'm so blessed because God made me a mother to three boys! For me, it's more than enough! :)

  3. I love that when I get home, I have my girls who welcome me with hugs and kisses and the usual "mano". It has been years since I went out with my friends. Before kids came, I was always out painting the town red, spending on clothes and other stuff. Now, I find myself rushing home to be with them. Also, it pains me to be leaving them so early in the morning for work, while they are still asleep because they were puyat, playing with us up to almost midnight. Even my 10 year old sulks whenever I tell them they have to sleep at 10:30 and then she answers back that they will only have one hour to play with us (we get home at 9:30). I am looking forward to the day when I can just stay at home with them and be a full time mommy. I do admire SAHMs because it is never an easy feat, much more so mommy bloggers like you. :)


This is all pretty new to me so please feel free to share your mommy wisdom!