Sunday, June 22, 2014

Baby shower from my OK! girls

I'm such a lucky girl! Some of my favorite people in the world threw me a baby shower last weekend at Apartment 1B Rockwell, and it was lots of fun!
Here are Nicole and Nikki. We didn't plan on the black-and-white outfits but I love it!

My beautiful boys were also there because it was also Father's Day weekend. We promised the kids we'd watch How To Train Your Dragon after the party but we missed our movie. Put a group of girls together and of course you forget the time!

That's Nikki's little boy, Rocco. He is the gentlest, calmest little boy I've ever met! He's exactly like his parents! He was so eager to play with my sons. Must arrange a playdate then!

There's Vito, my firstborn, talking to the Baby Chicken cake by BabyCakes. He was plucking off the marshmallow eggs—one for him and one for his younger brother, Iñigo.

Baby Chicken! We have a name already for our third sweetheart—as usual, Vince came up with it. It's a beautiful name and I can't wait to tell our baby boy his name and bless him with it!

Rainbow cake! Super bright colors that made us all happy, especially the kiddies. It was dense and quite good!

My boys were convinced that the purple and green layers tasted best. So silly!

Nikki is now a businesswoman and devoted mommy.
Elaine is still in honeymoon mode and is with Good Housekeeping.
After a stint in, Kabbie is now in real estate and preparing for mommyhood.
Nicole is now a beauty writer, consultant and blogger (Beauty & Sparkle).

Thanks so much, former OK! girls for the lovely baby shower and the fabulous gifts! My baby boy is going to be so well-dressed because of your super chic picks (what else can I expect of you who are all more stylish than me?).

Sigh. I had a lovely time. But I need more! Mommyhood can be lonely sometimes. My sons are amazing and my husband is the best and I am really truly happy, but I do need womenfolk to talk to sometimes. Sometimes I go to events and it's fun to talk to other women, but we end up still talking about our kids! I want to talk about fashion and beauty and shopping and celebrities and gossip!

I really must make more time for my girlfriends! And I will. This baby shower was just the sweetest thing and it made me realize that just because I became a mom, that doesn't mean I stopped being a friend. Must make more time for my girls!

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  1. I really love that dress on you!! Can't wait to meet(?) your littlest boy!

  2. It looks like such a great time! I am in the midst of planning another sprinkle for one of my best girl friends next month and it seems like we only get together for big events. It's hard to juggle schedules with all the birthday parties and other things. My group of girls made a pact to try to get together once quarterly for a night out (it now starts at 6 as opposed to 8 before!) just to sit and commiserate and enjoy conversation. It has changed a lot since we were in our 20's but nothing is better than growing old with friends.

  3. I do agree that being a mom can be lonely. My longtime girl friends do not have kids yet.

  4. You're so gorgeous talaga, Frances!!!


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