Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Beautiful baby shower basket idea!

I normally don't post public thank you's for gifts given by family and friends. This is because there are friends or family members who think that gifts are private expressions of their love. But in this case, I think this gift is so wonderfully and lovingly made that I just need to share it with you, mommies! I'll just keep the giver's identity a secret (Thanks, Auntie D!).

This is called a baby shower gift basket. It's all diapers and towels and onesies and socks. Basic baby stuff that all new moms need. I mean, really. At baby showers, everyone gives toys and baby books and everything else that the baby won't need at all! But people are usually shy to give basics because they're so simple and unimaginative and, well, basic. So here's an amazing idea for all of us!


The babies are rolled up disposable diapers with sleeping eyes drawn on them. The swaddling blankets are towels. The bonnets are socks.

The pillow is two rolled up diapers covered by a bib.

The bed is even more diapers (mattress), a onesie (bedsheet), and two burp towels.

Isn't this whole gift so creative and adorable??? Again, everything is just basic—disposable diapers, burp cloths, wash cloths, towels, a onesie, a bib, and a pair of socks. But because they were put together so prettily, it goes beyond basic. It's beautiful!

I wanted to share this with you, mommies, because I've never seen anything like this before! It's an idea that definitely elevates gifts of lampin and disposable diapers and burp cloths, you know? My father-in-law said that there's a ton of tutorials on YouTube so I researched and found the cutest things. Our gift was shaped into a bassinet, but you can do so much more! There's tutorials for diaper cakes, burp cloth lollipops, baby sock bouquets, onesies shaped like ice cream sundaes, and lots more. Here's a super simple tutorial:

Dear Auntie D, thank you so much for this wonderful gift! As I unfolded and rolled out, unpinned and laid out each item as they were revealed to me, I was really moved. I keep seeing you lovingly putting these items together. I even told Vince, "It's so amazing. Even I won't do it for the people I love! So much detail and care put into it!" So thank you thank you thank you!

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  1. OMG It's so cute! and something that the baby can really use!

  2. ya i agree this is so wonderful and soo adorable!
    hay! how i wish my kasunod na ang 3 year-old ko.. and im dreaming of a boy uli if ever.. hehe
    but me and my husband agreed to have another angel pag 5 na si Lucas :D


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