Thursday, June 19, 2014

Blessed little girls

On Facebook, Toni of Wifely Steps shared this photo of a book cover and asked if moms of sons are willing to read a book preparing their boys to love another woman. I will confess that this is a most special concern for me. As a mother, a feminist, and as a woman, I know that I have a big role in raising men who will treat women well. From the very beginning, I knew my sons are not for me, that God chose me to raise them for other people and, yes, maybe even for a lovely woman and children for each of them one day. 

So as soon as my sons were born, I started praying for their wives. Really! I pray for their good health and safety, for their parents to raise them well, that they be smart and interesting and fun, that they'll be the type of women who will adore my sons but won't take any BS from them either. I even pray for their beauty! 

I take very good care of my boys, you see, so it's not so far-fetched to hope and pray that their future wives are being well taken care of, too. Of course, I will love whoever my sons love—no matter what they look like and what life they've led. But as early as now, I am covering these blessed little girls in prayer. I don't pray for them every single day because, hey, I'm not that excited to marry off my kids, that much I'll admit, but to whoever my sons will marry one day, you're blessed because you haven't even met my sons yet, but I am already storming the gates of heaven for you! 

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  1. i think i have to pray for my future daughter-in-law too. i need to buy this book. hehe

  2. Love it, Frances! Will definitely pray for my daughter's future husband, too. May he be responsible, smart, loving and well... tall and regularly takes a bath. Haha! ♥

  3. Hi Frances! Thanks for this post, for encouraging moms to pray for their future in-laws or in-loves. I, too, have been praying for our children's future spouses. God bless!

  4. Hi Frances! I saw that feed too on Toni's IG! I will follow in your footsteps and pray that my son and daughter find good husbands and wives. I personally promised myself that I will raise my son to give and treat women with the respect they deserve. With your post, ang daming emotions na lumabas sa akin! haha.. It hit a nerve kumbaga, how I wish all mothers are like us, nurturing - some kasi, hay!! Bahala na si Lord sa kanya..

    Thank you for sharing this.

    Love, didi

  5. what a beautiful thought. I have two daughters and yes, I don't do it all the time too (I'm not in a hurry!), but I pray for godly husbands for them as well, or a blessed single life if that is what the Lord intends for them. I like to think that the parents of their future partners are praying for them too :)

  6. The thought that as we raise our own kids, they'll marry fellow kids who are being raised at the same... that's a pretty powerful motivation to pray for others! I shall adopt this! Love this post! Will your kids like a wife who's slightly older, say a cute five year old girl? Hahaha!

  7. Thanks again for this perspective, Frances!


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