Thursday, June 19, 2014

Celebrating Iñigo's 2nd birthday!

Last month, on May 11, my cutie patootie Iñigo turned 2. But since May 11 was Mother's Day, we celebrated his day on May 12 instead. That's the great thing with having birthdays in summer—you can throw a party on a Monday!

Here's the birthday boy thrilled at the fact that the entire weekend (and coming week) was all about him. He loved the decorations at home, he loved all the colors, the Lightning McQueen and Mater pennants, the balls, the everything! And now a party just for him!

We wanted a family picture but by this time, we already had guests over and Vito did not want to be pulled out from playing games with his friends. He was very upset!
Until now, when he sees this photo, he reminds us that he did not like it that we disrupted his playtime! So, nope, we don't have a completely happy family photo (although this one still makes me happy!).

Our party food! Oh, this was the cleverest, cutest, happiest meal boxes ever! Eats Happy is prepackaged healthy and yummy kiddie bento boxes. For Iñigo's party, we had the Mickey Mouse themed box: baked macaroni, cordon bleu, ham and potato croquettes, cheese sandwich and iced gems.

I love Eats Happy because they make eating fun for little ones, the boxes are convenient for me as the party host and also for my guests because if the kids don't finish their food (and they never do really!), the boxes can just be sealed and brought home with the guest! I'll talk more about Eats Happy soon!

The grown-ups had food served by my old favorite, Almost Gourmet. Still the yummiest, most healthy, most affordable event catering service in my book! Whenever I serve food prepared by Almost Gourmet (and it always arrives hot!), my family and guests devour it! It's that amazing! For Iñigo's party, we parents feasted on chicken fingers and lasagna.

And on these glorious cupcakes, too!

That's a chocolate cupcake, a red velvet cupcake and a caramel cupcake, all with a letter I on top!

Here are my neighbors—the moms of my sons' playmates and my fellow Praying Wives group—(from left) Claire, Tricia, Dada and Cathee.  

Cathee and her four kids enjoying their food!

I posted a few gifs and videos from the party when I blogged about Iñigo's birthday a few weeks ago. So I won't tell you anymore what a ruckus his party was. The kids all had fun, they were beyond noisy, they were super happy. Just the way I like kiddie parties to be!

So let's check out the few photos of when all the guests were actually in one place and being relatively calm: the candle-blowing part of the party!
Here are all the kids! From left: Justin, Enzo, Nikolai (standing), Alfonso, Vito, Iñigo, Masha, Clara, Sophia and Denise (carried). Hmm, we're missing one boy, Ivan! He's there somewhere!

Blowing the candle! We practiced for weeks!!!

He made some decent puffs but not enough to blow it out, prompting all the kids to start chanting, "Harder! Harder! Harder!" Crazy kids!

Everyone finally helped the birthday boy blow out his candle! So that cake? It's covered in saliva splatter. Yum!

Oh, by the way, my friends surprised me with a baby shower, too! So this was a birthday party and a baby shower. I was so happy! Thanks so much, praying mommies!

Haaaaaaay, so happy and tired! And full! Full of laughter and good food and blessings and happiness.

That's our wish for our little 2-year-old sweetheart—a life full of happiness and good food and blessings and friendship!
What a gift Iñigo is! Happy birthday, darling boy! We love you!


  1. Your kids are so cute!

  2. Cutie patootie! God bless you always with abundant, happy and healthy life, Inigo!

    My boy wasn't able to blow his birthday candle too when he turned 2. Perhaps when they turn 3? =)

  3. How is that catch bowl so far performing?


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