Saturday, June 7, 2014

My favorite anti-bug lotions are Green Cross

This post is brought to you by Green Cross Insect Repellent Lotion.

As a mommy, nothing scares me more than when my kids are sick. When I read those stories of little kids getting dengue, I always pray that my kids don't ever get bitten by those nasty mosquitoes. Since we live in a high-rise, we don't have a problem with mosquitoes. But we found out that Iñigo is allergic to ant bites, like his bites will swell and harden horrifically, so we realized we needed to apply anti-bug lotion on him even when we're home.

I used to have those insect repellent oils and lotions and stickers but I disliked them intensely. They smell awful. They not only repel bugs, they also repel me! My kids disliked them, too. Vito would run away from me whenever I tried applying the lotion/oil or he would try very hard to peel off the sticker from his and Iñigo's shirts. That was how much they hated the anti-bug stuff. I was really desperately looking for bug repellents that we'd like.

Last year, I discovered Green Cross Insect Repellent Lotions when they asked to be a blog partner. I was hesitant at first and said I wanted to sniff test the lotions and see if they don't smell bad work. Apparently, I didn't need to like the lotions because they just wanted me to promote their Facebook app and their new website, so all I really needed to do was write blog posts about parenting, which proved to be some of my most popular posts. Here are a couple:

But I also wanted to let you all know that my family and I loved the lotions! There are three variants, available in both bottles and in sachets (so it's convenient to bring to the office, to school, on trips).

Perfect for daily use and for everyone in the family!
For those with sensitive skin, like young kids.
Stays effective even when you're sweaty!

All the lotions have a light and smooth consistency so they are easy to apply, absorb fast, and don't get sticky and slippery. They smell clean, not like citronella or some other strong scent. It actually smells like Safeguard, you know, clean and fresh anti-bacterial soap! Best of all, it works. The kids' skin are not just moisturized, it's also protected from bugs and bacteria! Best insect repellents in my book!

For more details on caring for our kids and for fun articles and tips on motherhood, check out the Facebook page of Green Cross Mommy PROs and their new website.

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  1. Me, too!! I love that it doesn't smell so strong yet so effective. I swear!! I've tried a lot of different mosquitoes repellent and yung Green Cross lang talaga ang effective sa mga anak ko. Yung iba kasi, I have to re-apply as often as possible para maging effective sya. But with Green Cross, one application lang before bedtime tapos wala talagang kagat ng lamok ang mga bata. :) We are using the Gentle Protect variant.

  2. Does the Green Cross brand have any harmful ingredients? I have tried it and it smells good and is effective. I am just afraid that it might have deet or any other ingredient not suitable for kids. Mine is 8 years old. ....Marie

    1. The Family Protect has 7.5% DEET and the Active Protect has 25% DEET (the active ingredient is placed prominently on the front of the product, see photos).

      I did some research and read that as long as the percentage is less than 30%, it's fine to use on kids (, just not on babies less than 2 months old.

      However, if you're really against DEET, the Gentle Protect uses Picaridin 10%, which is safer and just as effective. That's what I use on the kids actually =)

  3. Thanks so much for this information! Will use the Gentle Protect variant. More power!....Marie


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