Sunday, June 29, 2014

Preparing for the big arrival!

Okay, I am oh so ready to give birth, right? Then yesterday morning, I was jolted awake by painful contractions and I was suddenly, "No, wait, I'm not ready! Stay in there!!!"

The contractions were 20 minutes apart and getting really painful, but as soon as I got up and started getting ready for the hospital—you know, hair and makeup!—the contractions subsided and then disappeared. So I guess those were the Braxton-Hicks contractions. Never had them before with Vito and Iñigo so I was very confused (and relieved) yesterday.

Anyway, you know what this means—labor is imminent. I might disappear from this blog very soon! Old-time readers know that when I disappear, Vince takes over and is the one who writes about the whole birthing experience. He does it so well that I will happily relinquish yet again the storytelling to him. I hope he has the time to do it. He's very busy these days! There's World Cup pa!
Plus, there are two other demanding creatures occupying his time now! 

Okay, I'm rambling. My brain is now just focused on getting ready for the big baby arrival. I expect Baby Chicken to arrive this week. But I'm actually only 38 weeks today. So maybe I'll give birth next week, at 39 weeks. My OB predicted July 6 but my due date is really July 13 pa haha. Labo!

So while we all wait for Baby Chicken to show up, let me just show you a few pictures I've been sharing on my social media. (You really should follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! I do a lot of giveaways there!)

I'm in cleaning mode and look at what I found! It's the record of my contractions when I was about to give birth to Vito way back in 2010! Check out the seriously deteriorating handwriting haha. Boy, was that painful! As soon as my contractions were 5 minutes apart, that's when I woke up Vince. He asked, "How long have you been feeling this?" I shrugged, "Since after dinner, but it only became painful after midnight." He said, "You should've woken me up kanina pa!!!" Hahahaha, panic of a first-time dad! Vince was so adorable. I super love him!

On the right side is the name of Baby Chicken in felt letters. Ria Salonga of ABZD Custom Felt Decor is the only non-family member who knows our child's name. She made the names of the older boys a couple of years ago, so when she found out I was pregnant again, she offered to make Baby Chicken's name as a gift. Of course we said yes! Last week, the names arrived, and Ria added shapes and pennants, too! Thanks so much, Ria! We got sooooo excited when we saw our little boy's name!

Anyway, on the left side of the photo above is a list of stuff I'll need for the hospital when I give birth. It's from Mothercare. My OBG gave me a list, too. Hers adds: a picture ID, medications (like for my asthma), breast pump, hair ties or hair clips, baby book (for the birthing team to stamp your baby's hands and feet on), and a kikay kit.

Speaking of hospital kikay kit, here's mine. Travel-sized Shiseido Ibuki skincare system so that my skin will still be pampered. Happy Skin Second Skin Creme liquid foundation—it's easy to apply and infused with skin-caring ingredients so it's like a BB cream. Celeteque Hydration makeup remover wipes, in case I get too tired to wash my face hehe. La Mer The Balm, because my lips always get chapped after I give birth. Model Co. eyebrow kit because brows always need to be groomed well to look good! Acca Kappa hair brush—my favorite brushes are from Acca Kappa! Betadine antiseptic feminine wash because, well, you know why! And for the baby, sample-size Mustela Bébé bath gel. Mustela is our super duper favorite, can't-do-without baby toiletries brand!

Spent last night wrapping the boys' gifts from Baby Chicken. My sister-in-law Lizelle gave me that tip when I was pregnant with Iñigo. She said, "When Vito meets the baby for the first time, give him a gift and tell him it's from his new brother." The gift is supposed to make Vito feel more welcoming. I mean, everyone loves gifts! So we gave Vito a Lightning McQueen toy and he was so happy and thrilled when he learned it was from Iñigo. He definitely was warmer to his baby brother after that. In fact, that toy became his favorite toy.

Let's hope Iñigo feels the same way about his new baby brother! He's very clingy and possessive and jealous.

Vito already knows what to expect so he's been shouting his requests at my tummy for a while now. He's so funny. He thinks there's a shopping mall inside my tummy! He changes his requests every week! But we heard him ask for a Transformers toy often so that's what we got him. As for Iñigo, he's obsessed with all things Cars now, and he loves Finn McMissile so we got him Finn.

Just set this up today, right before dinner! It's always the final touch for me, the crib. It's the last thing we prepare (so that the sheets don't get dusty) and when it's all set up, I get really excited. So I'm really excited right now! It's funny lang how the crib makes me feel like that when we hardly use the crib! We co-sleep (bed-share) so the babies only get to use the crib when we need to change diapers or I need to contain them if I need to do something. Still, I think this crib from Mothercare is one of the best purchases we made. If only for the happiness it gives me!

Okay! That's all for now! I'll try to update this blog before I give birth but if I suddenly disappear, you know where I am and what I'm doing! Have a great week, mommies!

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  1. So exciting!! Good luck and enjoy the little one! :)

  2. Omg! yay im too excited to see your baby chicken. I can feel you from the preparation on things for baby and contractions (true and false labor) up to delivery I remember when i was on your situation 4months ago such a great experience. LAgi ko kinukwento sa mga friends ko about pregnancy stage ko up to pagiri, Love the feeling na marinig mo iyak ni baby worth it lahat ng pain. :)

  3. So excited to meet your precious baby boy :) Have a safe delivery and speedy recovery!

  4. I'm so excited for you! I've read all your birthing stories and I love them! All the best, Frances!

  5. I cannot help but try to figure out Baby Chicken's name. Hehehe.

  6. Have a safe and easy delivery, Frances! :)

  7. Coming soon!!! Have a safe delivery, Frances!


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