Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Topaz Mommy supports the Linizkwela Project of Zonrox Plus!

It's the beginning of a new school year! As moms, we definitely care about the cleanliness of our kids' schools. My Vito will be attending school next year but we've already started checking out schools. Funnily enough, I found myself not asking about the curriculum or if it's progressive vs traditional. What I found myself doing is inspecting bathrooms and floors and desks and every surface! I guess this is because I believe that if a school cared about its cleanliness, then it cared about its students.

So when Zonrox asked me to nominate a public school for their Linizkwela Balik Eskwela Clean-Up Project, I just had to nominate my old high school, Manila Science High.

I didn't like high school very much because MaSci was fiercely competitive. It's a special science school so our days were bombarded with so many math and science subjects. Really gave me a huge headache for four years! But I owe a lot of my success now to MaSci. It had the best teachers. It was almost military in instilling discipline in us. I learned so much about language, philosophy and literature in a science school! And did I forget to mention the competitive atmosphere we breathed in daily? I tell you: any kid who survives MaSci will find any future boss and workplace easy to deal with.

This year is the 20th anniversary of our high school graduation, by the way. So, together with Zonrox Plus, Topaz Mommy donated Zonrox Plus and other Green Cross products to Manila Science High. 

On its fourth year of campaigning for super clean schools, the Linizkwela Project asked members of their Facebook page to nominate public schools that Zonrox Plus will visit, inspect, donate products and cleaning supplies to, and clean. Yes, Zonrox Plus also conducted a swab test (germ count checking) on the schools they visited. Did you know that the surfaces of canteen tables had the most shocking figure of up to 490,000 germs? Zonrox Plus told me that the toilet wall they checked had 94,000 germs in comparison, so kaloka that kung saan pa kumakain ang mga anak natin, yun pa ang pinakamarumi! Of course, 99.9% of these germs were killed once the volunteers of the Linizkwela Project cleaned up the said surfaces/areas with Zonrox Plus.

Zonrox Plus is the bleach and detergent that is extra thick and sudsy, making it the perfect partner for moms in cleaning around the house. My husband and I have been using Zonrox for years and years now. It's super sulit because we can use it for almost everything that needs washing and cleaning. We trust Zonrox for removing stains in our clothes, cleaning all surfaces especially in the kitchen and bathroom, and for making our house free from germs. 

Now that my son is about to go to school, I also have to think about his environment in school! Part of the reason why I'm homeschooling him this year is because I'm trying to keep him away from sickness. The kids' pediatrician always says that her patients start getting sick once they go to school. It can't be helped because the kids are exposed to other kids' germs daily! But imagine if we moms make our schools just as clean as our homes? Then our kids won't get sick! Let's make our schools more aware of a "deeper clean," which is what we moms want for our kids. Less germs mean less diseases, ultimately translating to less absences for our kids and more learning for them!

Thanks so much, Zonrox Plus, for cleaning up and donating cleaning products and supplies to Manila Science High School! 

Like the Facebook page of Zonrox Philippines for more details on the Linizkwela Balik Eskwela Clean-Up Project and the various Zonrox products.  

P.S. This is not a sponsored post!

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  1. My eldest son is now studying in a science high school. He'd sleep at 11pm, wakes up at 5am because of the numerous homeworks and activities that they have! Toughened him up, made him more responsible! You gave me an idea on what to donate! Thank you! Before I was thinking of insect/mosquito killers because they have cases of dengue there! I'm curious about the homeschooling thing! :)

    1. Sigh! It's a bit inhuman actually. I hated high school! It was so hard. I left for school earlier than my parents left for work then nauuna pa sila umuwi sa bahay at matulog kesa sa akin. But I survived it. Thank God!

      Yes, I think we parents should be more vigilant about the cleanliness of the place. It's good pa rin to slather our kids with insect repellents but let's also address the root of the problem, diba?


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