Friday, June 6, 2014

Win Krispy Kreme doughnuts for the father of your kids!


Krispy Kreme asked me (pretty please with candy sprinkles on it) if I'd like to treat my readers to something sweet. Of course I said yes! So if you're in the mood to treat yourself and your family to a sweet treat with an even sweeter message on top, why don't you give them #JoyInABox from Topaz Mommy and Krispy Kreme?

Yes, my mommy friends! I'm giving away 15 boxes of #MessageDoughnuts from my family's favorite doughnut shop, Krispy Kreme! But you get to pick the message you want on it. Since it's almost Father's Day, I figured wouldn't it be nice if we give our special sweets to our kids' daddy? Our hubbies will totally love the #JoyInABox! Plus, tayo rin naman ang kakain ng mga doughnuts haha. Look at my kids devouring MY doughnuts!

They love doughnuts! 

So without further ado, let's get on with the giveaway!

The prize:
A whole box of doughnuts with the message you want to tell the father of your children. Kinda something like this:
You can put any message, of course!

The details:
  1. 15 mommy readers will win a box each of #MessageDoughnuts from Krispy Kreme. 
  2. Contest is open to anyone near a Krispy Kreme shop! So this is a nationwide contest! (Philippines only!)
  3. My contest runs from today till June 10, 6pm.
  4. I'll pick the winners on June 10 and announce on Facebook and Twitter. Winners must reply to my announcement by noon on June 12!!! If I get no feedback, I pick new winners!
  5. Winners will then send me their name, the message they want on their #JoyInABox, and which Krispy Kreme store they'll claim the box from. Bring a valid ID to claim your box of #MessageDoughnuts!

How to win:
  1. Like Krispy Kreme's Facebook page, and follow them on Instagram and Twitter
  2. Like Topaz Horizon's Facebook page, and follow me on Instagram and Twitter. Ya, you kinda have to because that's where I'm going to announce the winners! 
  3. On Instagram and Twitter: Post a photo of your kids with their daddy and say this: "My kids' daddy [daddy's name] will love #joyinabox from @krispykremeph and @FrancesASales!"
  4. On Facebook: Post a photo of your kids with their daddy and say this: "My kids' daddy [daddy's name] will love #joyinabox from Krispy Kreme and Topaz Horizon!" Make sure Krispy Kreme and Topaz Horizon are tagged!
That's it! Good luck! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!

*This is not a sponsored giveaway.

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