Sunday, July 27, 2014

Gray Chevron

Chevron is a pattern so common that I can't hope to make it a Topaz Mommy signature. But every time I see a gray Chevron pattern, I immediately think it was designed for my mommy blog. Like that rug from Pottery Barn.

Or like these:

I like it. I really do. Been thinking of decorating the boys' future room with Chevron but I realized that they'll have opinions by then (they already have strong opinions now!) and it's their room so it should be decorated the way they want.

Still. I love this pattern. Almost as much as I love colorful stripes (still my most favorite pattern). I even made a bag with a gray Chevron pattern!
I made this bag when I was still pregnant. I was home a lot (still am, what with a newborn!) so I spent one day making a Topaz Mommy tote. It inspired me to come out with a tote bag line actually. I just don't know how to get suppliers, like for thick canvas and nylon and strong leather and stuff. But once I find suppliers, I'm definitely coming out with a Topaz Mommy tote with a gray Chevron design!

*photos from Baby Furniture Plus, Project Nursery, Love Design Company, Room Service Store, Zujava, Giesendesign

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