Monday, July 7, 2014

Piero's birthday

Topaz Daddy here again for the traditional birthing post.  I am taking over the blog! Frances is busy with non-stop breastfeeding right now, so she rarely has two hands free. Piero is a very hungry boy. But I am getting ahead of myself...

And so it began just after midnight on July 3, Thursday. We got to the hospital at 3AM when F's contractions were 10 minutes apart. She has always delivered super fast, so we figured it would be a good idea to get to the hospital early.

Ooh lookee! Contractions. 35 means it's a moderate contraction a.k.a. F scratching at the walls in pain.

It's not obvious in the picture but Frances was in a lot of pain this time around. She says it was her most painful labor, and I believe it. It was also the longest. We're normally in the recovery room by the time the sun rises. I told her to ask for the drugs, and once the epidural was in, it was mostly smooth sailing. F even took a nap between contractions.

Almost showtime! Here I am, all dressed up in scrubs.

Hellooooo big boy. No wonder why F was in such pain. He looks like a 1-month old!

For those who are counting, he was 3.55kg, or 7lbs 13oz. The time was 8:23 am.

Moments later. Happy mommy. Good job! She pushed out that big baby in three pushes.

And here we all are, relieved, ecstatic, sleepy, proud.

One of Piero's first pictures. The doctors were cleaning him up.

His whole name is Piero Raoul Amper Sales. Frances and I are big on the history and meanings of words. Piero is an Italian version of Peter, which means "The Rock." Raoul is another version of Raul, and it means "wolf counsel."


We have visitors! The first ones to arrive at our room are always from Nuffnang (they handle F's ad partners for her blog, Topaz Horizon). They always arrive the day F gives birth and always with huge flowers and yummy food. Thanks, Nuffies!

Also, our first two boys are here! Hi Kuya Vito and new Kuya Iñigo!

Sleep during the day, party all night.

With the proud grandparents, my mom and my dad.

Iñigo checks out the merchandise.

Frances and the boys with  F's sister, Jacqui, who saved us all by taking care of the kids when labor began. She braved Antipolo to Mandaluyong at 2AM for the little guys.

We had more guests but forgot to whip out the camera. We were too busy trying to escape from the hospital. We had just learned that it was possible for Frances and the baby to get discharged the day after giving birth, so we went for it. The boys didn't want to spend another night away from their mother.

Our first family picture just before we left the hospital. My heart is full.

Touchdown at home. Hooray!

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  1. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! Stay blessed! :)

  2. Congrats, Vince and Frances! Piero is so cute! I love his name. :)

  3. My gosh, Frances! How can you look so good after having just pushed a baby out of you?? Congratulations!!! :) :)

  4. He is soo cute!! Plus Frances looks so pretty even 'before and after' giving birth.

  5. Congratulations Ms. Frances and Vince! another handsome baby boy.

  6. Congrats! Welcome home, Piero :)

  7. Congratulations Frances and family! :) Welcome, Piero! What a beautiful and unique name :)

  8. wow!! congrats!! hello piero!
    You still look pretty mommy topaz even when in labor !! LOL
    I hope to meet you soon.,., :)

    God bless you and ur family! :)
    Are you from mandaluyong ? LOL (She braved Antipolo to Mandaluyong at 2AM for the little guys.

    ) I was just wondering :)

  9. Weeee! Piero and I have the same birthday! Congratulations Frances and Vince! :)

  10. Wow! Congrats Mommy Frances and Daddy Vince!

  11. Congratulations Mommy Topaz & family!

    Welcome home gorgeous baby Piero! Such a lovely name! :)

  12. Welcome Home Baby Piero! Just like your Kuya Vito and Inigo, you are soo adorable. Congratulations Mommy Frances and Daddy Vince!

  13. Hi Ms. Frances, Im a reader of your blog... Congrats to a new bundle of joy.. your kids are now VIP. Vito, Inigo and Piero... :)

  14. Congrats again Sales Family. We love that photo of Piero with sleeping soundly in his Halo SleepSack! :)

  15. Happy 1 month Piero! You have a very beautiful life ahead of you, what with the guidance of your awesome parents. May God continue to bless you with good health.

  16. Yay! Congrats mommy Frances & welcome to the world baby Piero! ;)

  17. Hello, Piero. :) You are so loved.

  18. Your first family picture is really beautiful to me. i hope when i will first baby i alao take a picture like classes


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