Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pottery Barn is in Manila and Piero went to check it out!

There's a new brand in town that I believe will have you mommies freaking out. Pottery Barn is here!

Pottery Barn is a home furnishing brand based in North America. It's their first time in the Southeast Asia region and they chose to open their first store here in Manila. Right now, they are offering their summer collection so expect to see lots of nautical designs and bright colors.

Here are a few photos from the launch:
Host Issa Litton looking incredibly svelte as she welcomed the media.

Pottery Barn is very Americana, not really the style of our home. But I do need new bed linens to match my tufted headboard, plus I want bold sheets for my boys. We also want new rugs and maybe thick towels. I'm also tired of our throw pillows and I liked the throw pillows that I saw at Pottery Barn.

The store occupies two floors. The staircase is pretty steep and high so I didn't explore the upstairs even though everyone told me to climb up. Pottery Barn Kids and Pottery Barn Baby are on the second level, you see, but I just gave birth and so didn't want to venture the climb. There's an elevator but it wasn't operational yesterday.

So I plan to drag my husband to Pottery Barn this weekend! If you see us, say hi!

I couldn't take a lot of pictures because my hands were full of cuteness so do head on over to Chuvaness since she has tons of photos.

I also didn't get to see a lot of the merchandise since this was my first time out in a long while so I spent the 45 minutes I was there chatting with old and new media friends. When I saw this photo on Cecile's blog, I gasped. I must have that gray Chevron rug!!! It's so Topaz Mommy!!!

Pottery Barn is at the Central Square, the new mall at the west end of Bonifacio High Street. It's super new, like there's nothing open yet save for Baskin-Robbins and Pottery Barn. Make the trip anyway, mommies! The new shop is so gorgeous!

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  1. U couldve used escalator outside to go up. Good to see u and baby :)

  2. I'm scared that I'll spend so much when I go here. Hahaha. Everything looks adorable.


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