Sunday, August 3, 2014

Dita Von Teese designs lingerie for breastfeeding mommies!

It's Breastfeeding Awareness Week. I've been a breastfeeding mommy since 2010 and I've been hyper aware of all the benefits of breastfeeding to me and my kids. I've also been unhappily aware of the fact that here I finally have these amazing breasts, so full and lush, and I have to put them in ugly maternity bras. The irony! My boobs are finally sexy but they're encased in unsexy things!

So imagine my delight when I saw the Von Follies line, Dita Von Teese's new lingerie collection for Destination Maternity.

The burlesque star told, "I believe that lingerie can and should be glamorous and functional. Elegant underpinnings are a simple way to create everyday moments of luxury and beauty, and why wouldn't a new mother enjoy beautiful lingerie, too?"

Yes, why are we depriving mommies, especially breastfeeding mommies, the experience of enjoying her new full breasts when we can all look this amazing?

The best part? She also designed sexy girdles so you can have sexy boobs and a sexy tummy, too! But I'm not so hung up about the tummy shaping bit because I have Wink Post-Partum undies. More about Wink (thankfully, it's locally available!) this week. As for Dita's delightful designs, well, we'll have to buy online and have them shipped here. If I'm going to look as yummy as that, I wouldn't mind the shipping cost at all! Shop here!

*photos from and Destination Maternity

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