Monday, August 18, 2014

For moms who need refreshments, here's a yummy healthy cocktail!

With absolutely no alcohol!

Fly Ace, distributor of such healthy juices from Happy Day, Welch's, Mott's and Old Orchard, sent me a few recipes. We tried this lovely cosmopolitan one hot day.

Here's all you need for two glasses:
Ice in a cocktail mixer.

Six parts Old Orchard Cranberry Juice (I used Apple Cranberry).

One part Happy Days Orange Juice.

One part calamansi juice.

Shake shake shake then pour it out!

Nice! Looks pro, right?

The glass is rimmed in sugar so that's the only sinful part of this cosmo!

Enjoy, mommies!

For more recipes, go to the website of Fly Ace. You can also check out the online homes of Rauch Happy Day, Welch's, Mott's and Old Orchard.

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