Thursday, August 7, 2014

I'm now so sexy! (Wink! Wink!)

I gave birth exactly 5 weeks ago and my tummy is all but gone. Well, there's still a little bulge but compared to my two previous pregnancies where I continued to look about five months pregnant a year after giving birth, this rapid shrinking is amazing!!!

I owe this miracle to Wink Ultimate Post Partum Ultra Bikini!
This is a model, not me!

I've been the happy owner of the Wink Ultimate Bikini for more than a year now, but I got it months after Iñigo was born, so I had already slimmed down by then. I used it as a shapewear garment under body-skimming dresses to smooth away my hip fat and tummy rolls. But I didn't really know if it lived up to its promise of rapidly shrinking postpartum bellies.

I never used a binder with my first two postpartum bellies. Well, I did use Belly Bandit in the first two weeks after giving birth to Iñigo. While I love Belly Bandit, it bulks up at the Velcro area so it's visible under clothes. So when I go out, I can't use it lest I look like I have some growth protruding from my back.

For my third pregnancy, I packed both Belly Bandit and Wink into my hospital bag, but my tummy was still too big so I had to Velcro the BB around my belly first. I did this for the first two weeks and then I tried out the Wink Bikini on my still-big belly. After just two weeks' use, my belly is all but gone!!!

What I love about Wink: 

It's super tight but super comfy, too. I didn't wear binders and girdles before because they were hot, itchy, rolled down the curve of my tummy, the metal rods poked, I couldn't breathe, they were near impossible to put on, and when I needed to pee, I couldn't get them off! 

Wink is seamless—no painful rods! So while it is powerful enough to compress my midsection, it also has a bit of give (unlike rods) so I don't feel like I'm going to die. The material is silky and soft so it's very comfy and cool and lets my skin breathe. And it actually looks sexy (see the pics of model above) so I don't have to hide when my husband's around because I look naked (not girdled up!) when I'm in my Wink Bikini.

I love that the thick band at the top is stretchy enough so that it doesn't mark my skin and yet it grips my torso tightly enough so that it doesn't roll down my tummy! 

I also love it that I can attach the Wink Bikini at the side. The hook-and-eye closures run all the way up the side so I don't need to struggle to drag it up my thighs and over my hips and try to squeeze my butt and tummy in, like with regular shapewear. I just wrap it around myself like a bath towel, snap shut, and I'm done! Plus, there are three layers of hook-and-eyes so that I can check my progress (haha) and I can also keep using it the slimmer I get.

Last of all, I love that the crotch can be undone with a few snaps, too. I remember wearing a girdle at my wedding and because I was so busy entertaining my guests, I couldn't go to the loo. When I finally did because my bladder was about to burst, I found to my growing horror that I couldn't take off my girdle! It took some superhuman effort to hold the pee in while I desperately peeled off that girdle. Thank goodness I didn't ruin my wedding gown! 

Is there a con in all the pros? Well, yes. Wink is expensive (it's P4,140 a piece). I actually own just one Bikini so thank goodness it dries quickly when I launder it! But quality comes at a price, ladies. I got comfort, style, and a post-preggy belly that is shrinking so rapidly, people are shocked (I'm shocked, too). People are literally touching my tummy and waist and butt because they couldn't believe I gave birth last month! So buy a Wink garment now, mommies!!!

Wink is distributed by Urban Essentials (like their Facebook page!). You can shop for their undergarments at their website, at Nurture Nook and Medela House here in Manila, and at Modern Mama Baby Shop in Cebu.

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  1. you look beautiful postpartum, Frances! :)

    and I want one of this...need to save hehe

  2. Frances, your wedding story made me laugh! But you're naturally slender! I'm envious. Hahaha. I will surely buy this just in case I get pregnant again. :)

  3. You look amazing! I don't have kids yet - but I'll keep a mental note on this. Haha! :)

  4. works like corset!

    I badly need one!! 5 years since my last pregnancy and the belly is still here and growing!!! waaah

  5. Hi, Is this just for moms who have given birth or is it also effective for moms like me who have a 3yr old?

    1. Hi Louisa! You can still use it even if you gave birth years ago. Even women who did not give birth can wear this :)

  6. I used a binder for about a year after giving birth to Jacob. It really helped keep things tight in a sense that I didn't feel the baby pooche hanging about. Lalo na I had a CS delivery. I bet it would have felt more awkward not wearing a binder since things would probably move around my scar!

    I want to get this tuloy! Should I?! Balik alindog program na kasi after I give birth!

  7. I'm excited to try this! Thanks for the recommendation. I was going to get the belly bandit but this seems more promising. I'm giving birth next month and I can't wait to get into shape!

  8. i gotta save for this bikini :-) thanks for sharing frances


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