Thursday, August 14, 2014

Vito is 4

My birthday boy turned 4 yesterday. There was a small cake and new toys and little loud friends over. He had so much fun, he wants to be 5 years old ASAP (as in now!) so he can have cake and toys and friends over again. Oh dear, my Vito sure is in a hurry to grow up!

This photo, taken when Vito just turned 1, feels like it was just yesterday. I wish time didn't pass so swiftly! How wonderful to be given so much—my boys make me feel like I won the lottery of life thrice!–and how melancholic to know these gifts won't be mine forever. But I am grateful, beyond grateful, for the time given to us, no matter how frighteningly fast it flies by. The past four years with Vito (and his younger just-as-loved brothers) have been the most amazing years of our lives. Every single day added to our joy is a true gift!

Happy birthday, darling Vito! Please take it sloooooow!

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  1. Happy Birthday Vito! I know exactly how you feel Frances! :) My eldest is only a few months younger than Vito. :)

  2. happy bday, vito!


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