Monday, September 1, 2014

Learn how to keep our babies safe!

The most difficult thing about being a parent is the fact that your heart no longer belongs to you. Little people hold it in their hands and all we want to do is protect them because if anything happens to them, our hearts will shatter and will never recover!

I blogged about my daily Prayer of Protection over my kids before. While we can do everything we can to make sure our kids are healthy and safe, we can't be there 24/7. Sometimes, even when we're around, accidents still happen. So I ask for God's protection over my kids first and foremost. But that doesn't mean I can just let life happen to my kids! I still have to do my part to make sure they're safe!

I know you mommies are the same! That's why I'm inviting you to educate yourself on the everyday dangers that our children may encounter and how we can protect them from these dangers. Babyland Baby Stores and Halo SleepSack Philippines bring us parents “Safety Zone.” This community charity event brings together all the trusted brands that help safeguard our kids, aims to educate guests on what every parent must know to keep kids safe, while raising funds in support of Children’s Hour.

In celebration of Baby Safety Month this September, “Safety Zone” will be an afternoon of experts talking about the latest recommendations on baby proofing, safe sleeping, feeding safety, bath and skin care safety, healthy living and environmental safety. Enjoy great savings on a private sale of pre-selected brands that are certified safe and eco-friendly. Healthy snacks, games, raffle prizes and loot bags worth over P10,000 will be given away!

The learning fee is only P150 per person, so you can go with hubby, lolo, lola and yaya! That's still just P750 for all five of you! Everyone learns how to keep the kids safe and, since 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Children’s Hour, you all help other kids, too! To register for "Safety Zone", simply fill up the Registration Form (click here!).   

Halo Philippines, distributor of the award-winning and doctor-recommended Halo SleepSack wearable blankets, will make a donation on your behalf for any purchase from their official website (shop here!). This donation entitles you to one free event ticket. Just indicate “Safety Zone” in the comments section when you check out. This offer is valid for orders paid from now until Sept 10, 2014.  

In order to help spread awareness for this charity event, Halo Philippines is giving away a Halo SleepSack product of your choice to one lucky blog reader!  
This is newborn Piero in his very own Halo SleepSack Swaddle Blanket. It keeps him snug and warm but I don't have to worry that he'll suffocate because of the SleepSack's design! I'll talk more about this on the blog soon. Meanwhile, Halo and Topaz Mommy will give away a SleepSack product. Here's how to join:
  1. Go to the Safety Zone Event Page (click here!)  and:
    1. Click the “Invite” button and share the event on your wall with the hashtag #SafetyZoneEvent. (Make sure your post is set to public in order to qualify).
    2. Invite at least 5 friends who might benefit from this event.
  2. Like Halo Philippines on Facebook. Follow Halo on Instagram @halophilippines and Twitter @halophilippines.
  3. Share this blog post on Facebook with a comment “I want to win a Halo SleepSack from Topaz Mommy and Halo Philippines." Tag Halo Philippines and set your post to public. 
The winner will be announced on Sept 10, 2014.  This contest is open to all Metro Manila residents.  The winner should bring a valid ID to claim her prize at the Safety Zone event. All unclaimed prizes will be raffled off at the end of the event.  

Good luck if you're joining the contests! But I do urge you to just buy tickets to "Safety Zone." Remember that it's not just a learning event, it's a fundraiser, too!

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