Sunday, September 28, 2014

Physiogel wants women to be free in their skin

This post is brought to you by Physiogel.

I don't know if you've seen the new Physiogel commercial starring model Patti Grandridge. It's been making the rounds on YouTube videos, you know, the ad that comes before the real video you wanted to watch is played. Here it is:

I like how honest she is. You know me—Little Mrs Honesty! I'm glad that she confessed that perfection is actually harming us women. Especially me, now, as a mom and all these mom bloggers are coming out and the homes and dishes and children they're parading are all perfect. For a while there, I wanted to be that perfect, too. To my amazement, my own blog readers tell me I'm perfect! Which strikes me as crazy because every single day, I feel like I'm failing. It's everything from my hair and skin not looking their best to managing my household and how I treat my kids. And to be seen as "perfect" (whatever that means!) is also stress-inducing because there's pressure to keep up appearances.

Finally, I just told myself (okay, I still keep telling myself!) that it's okay not to be perfect and to not be affected by other people's perception and expectation of perfection. Otherwise, I'll feel trapped by what people expect of me as a mother, a homemaker and a woman. And really, who wants to feel trapped? That's no way to live!

And that's where Physiogel's new campaign, the #FreeInMySkin Movement, comes in.

Here's Patti Grandridge again. In real life, she looks delicate. Very fine-boned and, well, perfect. I could hardly believe that this is the girl in the video talking about feeling insecure because of her dry, itchy and sensitive skin. I guess we really all go through self-doubt.

In my case, I am more insecure now as a wife and mother than I was when I was single and childless. I've never really felt insecure because I didn't care what people thought. So even though I knew my acne-ridden face was bad, my dry skin made my legs scaly, and my clothes were cheap, I showed up where and when I was needed and advanced in career and life. Despite what I looked like or what I lacked, I didn't want anything to hold me back.

Then I got married and I worried. I worry about my looks, how I want to be more beautiful than ever before, because I want my husband to not just love what I make him feel but also to appreciate what he sees. I worry about my rough skin and cracked heels because I want my husband to feel only soft and smooth skin when he touches me.

Then I had kids! So now of course I want my hands to be soft so that when I touch my babies, change their diapers, wash their bums, and hold their hands, their delicate skin won't be scratched by my roughness.

I want soft and smooth skin to touch my babies' soft and smooth skin! And you know what—and this isn't a sponsored opinion—since I started using Physiogel two weeks ago, grabe my skin is sooooo nice na!!! Like, my legs and butt and feet and elbows are so touchable!!! I don't feel insecure anymore. I'm free!!!

How about you? Did you have insecurities caused by not looking your best? Or because you didn't believe you were perfect? How did your perceived physical flaws hold you back? How did you overcome them?

While you mull over that, let me share with you more photos from the #FreeInMySkin Movement event a couple of weeks ago at Makati Shangri-la:
Beautiful women with healthy skin onstage! Beautiful baby with healthy skin in my arms! 
Breastfeeding everywhere, that's Piero and me!

For more information on Physiogel's #FreeInMySkin Movement, visit Physiogel's website and Facebook page. I'll also do a review of the products soon. One sentence summary: I love them!!!

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  1. Hooray to healthy skin for us moms!!!!! :)



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