Friday, September 12, 2014

Planning planners

It's mid-September and this means two things for me:
1. Must do my Christmas list!
2. Time to start shopping for planners.

Yep, even though there's computers and smart phones and iPads, I still rely on paper planners to plan my life.

I use the Moleskine Weekly Planner. It's super simple. It just has the yearly calendar, the monthly calendar, and then each week on the left side of the book and a lined page on the right. I use the monthly calendar to plot out my blog posts. I use the weekly page for my schedules, then I write my To Do list on the right side of the weekly page. Very simple. No bells and whistles.

But lately I've been looking for more. More blank pages for notes, ideas, gift lists. Pages for menu planning and grocery lists. Color, I want more color. And blank pages for doodles and photos of my kids. I'm a mommy now and I need to be more organized. The stark simplicity of the Moleskine just isn't working for me anymore. I've resorted to another notebook for meal planning, recipes and grocery lists. Another notebook for my magazine work and article assignments. Another notebook just for the blogs. Then I misplace a notebook and I dissolve into a messy pile of inactivity! I need one planner that can do everything for me!

So I saw this and was wowed!

Erin Condren Life Planner

Okay, maybe that's too much color. But I love that line: "Let's get things done so we can have more fun!" It's a fun planner, but maybe a little too fun. I may be busy but the Life Planner is way busier. I don't want to have a planner busier than me! It sure is pretty, though.

So let's look at the next planner...

Day Designer by Whitney English
This whole tableau is so me!

Soooo gorgeous!!! I love it! It's so elegant. It's also a lot expensive. Yikes.

Okay, let me just say I discovered the world of planner reviews last night and I watched and watched and watched till 3am. Crazy, right?! Just look at this one from Pretty Shiny Sparkly:

Filofax. That's so '90s! I didn't even know they still existed! I loved my Filofaxes!!!

Maybe I should make my own planner—blend in the simplicity of the Moleskine with the fun features of the Life Planner and then package it all with the elegance of the Day Designer. All for a much affordable price! Hmm, what a great idea! Would you like me to create a mommy planner??? The Topaz Mommy Planner. I love it!

How about you? What planner do you use? What features do you want in a planner? Do you bring your planner along everywhere? Do you have a planner for yourself, your family, your meals or do you have one planner to rule them all?

To shop:
Erin Condren Life Planner
Day Designer by Whitney English

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  1. I love organizing too. :-) I use this method: I use a Muji Kraft binder with Muji graphing paper (fillers) and I add a couple of clear book pouches for what-not that I put in the binder. To solve the problem of planning ahead, using this method, I tear out one sheet of graphing paper and plot out the whole calendar for the year and put it in the clear pouch. Then, as I add in each month, I refer to the calendar.

  2. I got a BDJ planner for 2014 and it inspired me to add more beauty in my life! I got one of those J. Herbin color refillable fountain pens from Scribe and magenta-ish ink to go with it. I wanted the most mature pink I could find. I used to have annual planners and I would stick movie tickets and other stuff to the planner pages and they would serve as a reminder of my fun activities for the year.

    Anyway, the paper planners are beautiful but I'm really more digital. My calendars are digital - work and family - and so I can see with the combined view on my iPhone or iPad that nothing's overlapping. I've had "look for a beautiful journal with fb integration" in my to do list for 2 months now. Many times the things that compel me to post on fb are also the ones I want to remember.

    So yeah, looking for a beautiful digital journal. It would have many of the same features as a planner - goals, important dates. Maybe I should look for video reviews of those too!

  3. Try, build your own journal from a blank notebook (I use Muji A6 with grid). It's brilliant! I only use one for all of my calendars, work and household notes.

    Yem Li

  4. i use a BDJ planner but it would be great to have the topaz mommy planner :D i will look forward to it ms. frances :D

  5. Hey Frances! Can I just say "Great minds (like you and me! haha) think alike"? I have been scouring the 'net and the bookstores for the past few weeks looking for the perfect planner for 2015. The Erin Condren one looks fun but it's also expensive, and I think mahihilo ako sa kakapili ng options to customize it!
    I'm torn between the Day Designer and the Simplified Planner from Emily Ley. But I will probably end up with a Starbucks Planner (which I always get as a Christmas present). Filofax can get expensive too, but refillable naman, right?

  6. Hi! How were you able get a Day Designer? I also want to order one. Am currently using a Kate Spade 16 month planner, readily available at any KS store. But I'm always on the lookout for others!

    1. A friend in the US bought it for me and will bring it here when she comes home for the holidays =)


This is all pretty new to me so please feel free to share your mommy wisdom!