Thursday, October 9, 2014

Count the months with these cute stickers!

We tried to document our first two boys' monthly milestones with stickers but we weren't very good with it. Mostly because we were very busy parents with jobs back then. Here's Iñigo. I think we got to Month 4 before we abandoned the project altogether. 

So now, because Piero is our last baby and it's our last chance to do this plus we freelancers now have time to dote on the boys, we're going to document Piero's growth every month!

Gosh, Piero, you are super cute!!! Check out his monthly progress over at my Instagram!

Okay, mommies! Tips!

1. Use the same background. Preferably a crisp, white, ironed-flat sheet!
2. Make baby pose with a toy so you have something to measure his growth by.
3. Whether you take a photo up close or of the entire body, be consistent so there's uniformity, a nice pattern for when you finally line up those pictures after a year.

Clearly, I came upon those tips in the course of my documentation! Well, too late now!

Oh, one more tip! You can use the stickers to track the progress of your pregnancy, too! Just stick it on your tummy!

The stickers I use are from SprintsPhil. Or SPrints. I can't figure out their real business name! But here's their Facebook page so you can check out all the adorable designs.

Here's the one we got for Piero:

Oh, hey, I have an extra set. And I want to give it away!
Police-themed ties.

If you want it, just like the FB page of SprintsPhil/SPrints and leave your name in the comments below! And please have a Philippine address! I pick a mommy on Saturday! Good luck!


Hi Cris! Send me a message over at my Facebook page to claim your prize!

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  1. Oh I hope I win! I just gave birth to my darling baby boy

    Name: Criselda Alano

  2. Hello Piero, Ang laki mo na. Pacute ka pa ng pacute, and your smile heaven :) Hay my baba is now 7 months old. Namiss ko tuloy sya :( God Bless baby!..

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Ivy, I just asked for your name. I had to delete because you included your other personal details.

    2. Opps... I am sorry for that Ms. Frances... -- Ivy Rose A. Igot

    3. No worries! Didn't want strangers to know where you are based!

  4. This is so perfect timing as i am due to give birth to our 2nd child, another sweet little boy on the 24th!

    Shirley Mae Tabora

  5. Kara Raval- Gandionco

  6. Anna Mogueis. My baby is turning 3months on the 18th! ;)

  7. I hope to win :) Don't know the gender yet. I'm on my 22nd week due in Feb 2015 :)

    Name: Ellen Joy Fajardo

  8. Shelby Calma

    I'm due to give birth to a baby boy anytime now. This would be perfect!

  9. Piero is sooo adorable! ♥

    Name: Aine Garcia

  10. so cute :)
    Vanessa Grace C. Lim

  11. this is a bright idea :)
    Sheila David-Castro

  12. This is a great gift to my survivor nephew. After having a big scare due to high bilirubin, it'll be great to mark each month with these special stickers


This is all pretty new to me so please feel free to share your mommy wisdom!