Saturday, October 11, 2014

Electrolux's Delightful-E Simple Campaign (which might win me a new washing machine!)

This post is brought to you by Electrolux.

Hi mommies! I'm part of this ongoing awareness campaign by Electrolux called Delightful-E Simple. You say that as "delightfully simple" because the home appliances brand wants us moms to know that saving (electricity, water, time, money!) can be delightfully simple. Hooray!

Actually, the campaign is not so simple. And by that I mean it's not just your usual "Here's how to save etc" awareness campaign. It has many levels! There's the saving awareness aspect. Then there's a savings calculator. Then there was a fabulous giveaway of washing machines last September. Then, last but definitely not the least, there's a social awareness and giving-back aspect, too. It's really one of the best campaigns I've seen in a long time! Let me tell you about it!

The right tools can help you save money and be more efficient.
I believe in technology. For example: I have a steamer that cuts down ironing time from 2 hours to an incredible 30 minutes. My refrigerator and air conditioning units save energy so even though they're on 24/7, my electric bill does not induce heart attacks.

With an Electrolux washing machine, doing the laundry becomes easier, faster and cheaper because it's efficient in every way. You don't waste water, detergent and electricity. Your clothes are cleaner and treated better so they last longer. Best of all, you save time! And time, as any mommy knows, is the most expensive thing of all!

Know the total money you can save with the Electrolux washing machine.
Okay, I don't have an Electrolux washing machine (yet!) but I've been studying it because I need to replace our 12-year-old washing machine. The Electrolux Savings Calculator is helping me decide what brand to buy! This is a Facebook app that helped me calculate how much I'll save if I use an Electrolux front load washer and dryer or top-load washing machine. Check it out here.

I learned that I can save more than P11,000 a year if I used the Electrolux washing machine!!! I can use that money for my kids! Or for Vince! Or for me! Heaven knows I need a treat!

You can get a discount when you buy a washing machine... or you can win a new one!!!
Electrolux partnered with Meralco for this fun part: You can get up to P5,000 discount on select Electrolux washing machines for sale at Abenson Appliances, Anson’s, Metro Gaisano, Robinson’s Appliances, Saver’s Mart, and SM Appliance Center. Just fill out the Meralco Customer Information Form found in the Electrolux flyer included in your Meralco bill and present it to any Electrolux promoter in the participating stores. This huge discount is offered until November 30, 2014.

Or you can win a new washing machine! The Electrolux Savings Calculator app is also tied to a Facebook contest, which I joined of course because I really need a new washing machine! All I did was share my laundry savings to my Facebook friends. You can join, too! Go to Facebook, have fun with the app, share your savings and what you'll use that money for (New shoes? Your kid's tuition? Rent? A family trip?). Use the hashtags #DelightfulE #SimpleToSave. Four winners will win an Electrolux washing machine each!!! Please let me be one of them!

Save and share your clothes.
Not only does Electrolux washing machines want to save your clothes from wear and tear, the brand also wants to ask your help in donating clothes to those in need.

With their Delightful-E Simple to Share campaign, here's what will happen:

  • Electrolux will gather donated clothes from compassionate citizens like you and me. (Find a list of drop-off sites here.)
  • Electrolux will launder all these clothes (and sheets and towels, too!).
  • Electrolux will then segregate them into two groups: (1) clothes that in are in good condition and (2) clothes that have seen much better days. Unusual items like prom dresses, wedding gowns, bikinis, and the like will also go to the second pile. The second group will be recycled into quilts for donation.
  • These quilts will be made by Trese, a Gawad Kalinga community that Electrolux partnered with. These quilts can now be used as blankets by communities struck by calamities or donated to newborn babies to give them cuddly warmth.
So there! That is not a simple campaign at all. But it is truly delightful! I hope you can take advantage of the savings calculator and the discounts, tell your friends about the Delightful-E Simple campaign, and donate clothes to the Simple to Share drive!

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