Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My kids in costumes!!!

We like putting the kids in costumes. They're just sooo adorable! But they don't like it so we only have a few photos of them in Totoro and Tigger costumes. But this year, we let the kids decide on their costumes and, oh dear, we can't get them out of those things! They love their costumes!

They even woke us up in costume! Silly boys!

Oh, and when Vito is Batman, he IS Batman.

I'll add more photos soon. The boys as Iron Man next! Hold on to your seats, #SalesVIP fans, because those are too cute!

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  1. LOLOL the video. Vito is so cute. In true Batman form, he just leaves without warning in the end!

  2. So cute! Vito nailed Batman's raspy voice! :)

  3. so cute naman ni Kuya Vito :) pati Batvoice kuha niya hihi!

  4. The video is.too.adorable.

    1. Thanks! They're so fun now that they're really talking =)


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