Saturday, November 15, 2014

How softer skin made me a better wife and mommy

This post is brought to you by Physiogel.

I don't think I've ever been this excited to get a big box of cleansers and lotions!

Thanks so much, Physiogel, for the birthday gift! Now I can be assured that I'll have clean and healthy skin for one more year. I'm serious about this. Physiogel's cleanser and lotion are the only ones that have helped me with my chronic dry skin. I've always had horrible dry skin. Mostly because I find it hard to drink the recommended 8-12 glasses of water a day. I can barely reach 3 glasses! Every birthday and every New Year, "Drink more water!" is on the top of my list of resolutions.

(So, yes, you can bet that drinking more water is my top resolution now that I just turned 38!)

My dry skin was worst on my legs and feet. If you noticed in my photos, I don't wear sandals a lot. When I do, that's because I just had a foot spa. But even a foot spa can't cure my dry and cracked heels. I've tried the most expensive cream on them and it did not work. My cracked heels are that bad.

This made me insecure, and I'm just not talking about the not-wearing-sandals issue. I'm also talking about me being a lover to my husband. When we make love, I get conscious of my feet. I think, "What if Vince sees my yucky feet? Baka he'll get turned off." And we all know that it's hard to abandon yourself to passion when you're thinking of stuff like that—whether it's cellulite or bad breath or your pimples or, in my case, rough and cracked feet.

Then when I became a mommy, I was careful whenever I held my babies. I won't touch their faces because I was scared my dry hands and nails (the cuticles can get sharp and my fingers and palms were rough) would hurt them.

So dry skin has held me back as a shoe lover, a wife and as a mom! How horrible! It's just skin but the effects are way deeper. But since I started using Physiogel a few months ago, my skin's condition has improved dramatically. My skin is so much softer, silkier and healthier. My cracked heels are healing. My hands are now smooth. My husband likes touching me even more. And I finally allow him to massage my feet after a long tiring day—heaven! Hindi na ako self-conscious! And my sons like cuddling even more. Iñigo, my second boy, likes to touch my arms before he sleeps. And I'm no longer afraid to touch my boys because my now-smooth-and-soft hands won't hurt them.

Physiogel freed me from my worries. I've become happier and better at showing my love and affection because I have healthy skin!

I'm so happy with Physiogel that I wanted to share them with three amazing women, Nicole of Beauty & Sparkle, Martine of Make It Blissful, and Ginger of Mommy Ginger.

I nominated them because they are all different women, with different passions, different looks, different journeys, but they are all alike in their quest to pursue their dreams and to help other women make their own dreams come true, whether it's looking your best (Nicole), working from home so you can be with your kids (Martine), or making your passions earn you money (Ginger). I hope you liked my gifts, ladies!

For more on Physiogel and being #FreeInMySkin, like Physiogel's Facebook page!

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  1. I love Physiogel. My dermatologist prescribed me Physiogel AI cream for my sebhorreic dernatitis on the face so that I wouldn't be dependent on hydrocortisone. This was 2 years ago and It did wonders for my skin. But a few months after givibirth, my skin would start to have inflammatio again so when I read about Ibuki Softener in your blog, I tried it and used Ai cream after. And results have never been better. I hardy get inflammation breakouts (Combo of mega dryness with redness) anymore even when I'm extremely stressed at work. :)


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