Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The trouble with being a writer

The trouble with being a writer/blogger/magazine editor is what we do looks like it's not a respectable way to earn money. As a blogger and editor, I attend events. So in photos, I look like I'm partying. As a writer and editor, I meet and interview celebrities, go to photo shoots, guest at shows, which looks like a lot of fun. I'm always at my computer, typing away, which is what everyone with a computer does anyway so it doesn't look so special, so writer-y, whatever that is.

So imagine our dilemma when Vito came home with an assignment to share with the class photos of mom and dad at work. Not photos of our work but what we do while we're at work. And I scrolled through hundreds of photos of me at events, at shoots, at TV shows, of Vince at his desk writing and... we just don't look like we're working!!! What will my son and his classmates think?

Vince writing his novel in bed, because he can only write when the kids are asleep.

Well, I hope they think writers and editors are amazing people who work really hard to write stories, spread information, highlight relevant issues, entertain people, and shine a light on life's truths. I hope the little kids understand that, despite the photos we sent with Vito to Show and Tell.

Because we don't want to return to a desk job just yet just so we can have photos that are easy to explain to little kids!

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  1. "shine a light on life's truths" --- a writer's super power. ♥


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