Monday, November 3, 2014

Toy story

My boys are watching Toy Story 3 as I type. In it, 17-year-old Andy deals with the issue of what to do with his old toys now that he's off to college. The toys themselves grapple with the truth that Andy is now too old to be playing with toys and are considering their options: daycare or Andy's attic?

Meanwhile, this week, I turn 38. I confess I still have my old teddy bear. His name's Mozzarella, or Mozzy. Or Mochi, as Vito calls him. Mozzy's kept me company all these years, accepted my tears when Vince and I fought, allowed himself to be hugged tight when I was alone in bed and Vince was off to another country, suffered us patiently when we dressed him up in pearls, or stood in for our little photo shoots, or when I eventually shelved him because of the babies and I didn't want stuffed toys on the bed with the little ones.

Darling Mozzy! Apparently, he's also been my guardian from the monsters under our bed.

Thanks, Mozzy. I love you!

Okay. Now I need to get my boys their own teddy bears now that they'll soon move to their own beds in their own room.

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  1. Funny, when I read this post last Monday, I was also making my 4-year old watch Toy Story 3 to introduce him to the characters whom he'll be meeting reeally soon. :)

    And my little boy, even before watching this film, talks to his toys like they're his friends (with genuine concern)! Does Vito also do that too? :)

    1. He doesn't talk to his toys. He plays with them, you know, role playing, imaginative play. Iñigo doesn't talk to his toys either. maybe because my kids have each other to talk to? I dunno! Interesting!

  2. Mozzy has very kind eyes. I think kind eyes are important for teddy bears. :)

    1. Yes! Yes! Mozzy does have kind eyes. I always feel like he's comforting me, that he understand me =)


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