Friday, December 19, 2014

A day with Mama, the magazine editor

I wear many hats so last month, when Vito had a school assignment that asked him to document a day spent with one of his parents at work, I was stymied. I'm a homemaker more than anything. When I have time, I'm a blogger. I blog more than I contribute to any publication, as writer or as editor. So which hat do I put on for Vito's assignment—housewife, blogger, writer or editor?

I finally decided on magazine editor because, visually, that's the most interesting one. Writing and blogging are usually done in front of a computer, unless I go to events, which then looks like I'm just partying for a living. Not very impressive. So magazine editor it is!

For the day he spent with me at work, Vito came along for a fashion editorial shoot for Baby Magazine. I'm the Market Editor. That means I pick every product that comes out in its pages. Clothes, shoes, accessories, books, toys, gadgets, diapers, beauty products, baby products, etc.

On our way to the studio, I told Vito that he'll see me oversee a photo shoot featuring clothes on kids like himself. I said that when clothes are photographed on models, the clothes look more appealing to moms who shop. He said, "Okaaaaaaaay!"

Here we are at Bulb Studios along Pasong Tamo. Vito's wearing his school uniform. We're early. He wondered where everyone was.

Here's Vito checking out the empty studio. Because his Papa has a mini studio (haha, it's just a 2x2 white tent with mini lights for product shots for my blog), Vito was impressed by how big a real studio is.

The stylist for our shoot is the ever gorgeous Kim Palanca. She is the friendliest, sweetest, nicest, funniest, and super organized and capable woman I've ever met. She's a mommy, too. I don't know how she balances everything! When I grow up, I want to be like Kim!

This is Mark Ches Ang. He's the photographer and owner of Bulb Studios. He's amazing with kids! Our theme for the shoot is photo shoot. Yes! You read that right. So Mark pulled out all his photography equipment as props for the background to show that the kids are in a photo studio, but we didn't actually use the equipment. They're just the setting.

Vito is observing Mark doing test shots on the models as they're being fixed up and posed by Kim.

When everyone was ready—studio, props, clothes, kids, etc—the shoot goes by fast. So for this part, I asked Vito to stay in the dressing area and just get busy with his iPad.

It's not a good idea for parents (and grandparents and yayas) to be at the shoot because kids should be following the commands of the photographer. Kids get confused when the photographer says one thing ("Okay, just look at me, relax.") and then there's a chorus of loving fans screaming other things ("Smile, kuya! I'll give you ice cream after this!!"). But I am grateful that for this shoot, all the parents who came were very cooperative. Thanks to my dear friends Michelle, Didi, Chrissy and Pinks, for being such pros!!!

With the shoot in full swing, I snuck away to breastfeed my baby Piero. Yes, he still goes with me everywhere! I'm so glad my job allows me to bring my kids to work!

And it's a wrap! Look at those cute kids! That's Kailee in the silver flats, Bella in the gray-and-orange hoodie, Rael in the jeans, and Lyndel in the striped shirt. Super easy to work with, these kids! All they needed was donuts from Didi and promises of candy from Kim! Oops!

And we're done! Just a day in the life of a magazine editor and her little boy. Just a day in the life of a child model, too, as shown here by Lyndel who's having a snack after all his hard work! See the fabulous results of this fun shoot in the December-January issue of Baby Magazine!

So that's what I do! Well, one of the things I do. It's a fun job, and I'm happy I got to share it with my son... and with you!

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  1. Didi's Kailee is soooo pretty!! :D

  2. Frances, super thankful for this opportunity!! :)
    Happy Holidays!


  3. i saw baby piero's legss - so so big!


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