Wednesday, December 31, 2014

How to make your kids brush their teeth Hapee-ly

This post is brought to you by Hapee Kiddie Toothpaste.

It's the end of the year! I highly suggest tossing out a lot of stuff so you have a fresh stock of new products for 2015. Then you have a good idea of when to replace things because you know when you started using them.

For example, I'm replacing all our toothbrushes tomorrow. You're only supposed to use your toothbrush for 3 months. So now that I know that we started using our toothbrushes on January 1, I know I should replace all of them on April 1. Great tip, right???

Speaking of toothbrushing, check out my toddler Iñigo:

Unlike Vito, Iñigo didn't like brushing his teeth. As in pahirapan. Akala mo talaga torture sessions ang toothbrushing sessions with how he screams! So, unlike his older brother who has perfect white teeth, Iñigo has, well, let me just say his teeth are not blackened stumps naman but we saw two cavities na. Soooo upsetting!

So these past few months have been a quest to make Iñigo LOVE brushing his teeth. And we have finally succeeded!!!

Here's what worked:
1. Use a mirror. My kids can see exactly what they're doing so they're more meticulous and involved. Brushing is always supervised. You really have to make sure they're brushing kasi si Iñigo kinakain niya yung toothpaste!

2. Choose dental products that have their favorite characters. To see their friends join them at every toothbrush appointment is a treat for kids.

3. Use a toothpaste designed for kids. When kids hit 2 years old, they need to have fluoride in their toothpaste (dental products for below 2 years old have Xylitol). But you can't use regular toothpaste because there's too much fluoride in it and the menthol stings young mouths.

Hapee toothpaste fulfilled the last two requirements! With kid-friendly fluoride levels and yummy flavors plus happy characters on the tube, Hapee has made toothbrush time fun time! Here are just a few of the yummy flavors:

Elmo is Strawberry Bloom.

Cookie Monster is Tutti-Frutti Twist.

Big Bird is Orange Squeeze.

Dora the Explorer is Apple Crunch.

Now Iñigo brushes his teeth without screaming! Just check out that grin:

Love it!

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  1. I let my kids choose their toothbrushes. They like the ones with blinking lights. Also, I take turns with them in brushing teeth. Sometimes they insist on doing it on their own and I feel like they dont brush it that well. Taking turns is our compromise!

  2. My 4 and 2 year old kids uses happee in orange squeeze flavor... very economical

  3. Inigo is so cute talaga. My son uses Hapee toothpaste too. He only likes the Elmo strawberry flavor. *high five*

  4. You are very hands on mommy sana ganyan din ako :) I have 2 kids my 1st born is boy and my youngest is Girl 5yrs ang Gap nila hehehe. Hirap na hirap ako pag mag totoothbrush cla I need help as in 2 kami ni hubby ang nag totoothbrush kasi hnd kaya ng isang tao tsk tsk :( Kaya ang nangyari si baby boy ko sira2 na ang teeth and noong sumakit teeth nya doon sya nag start na gusto nya na mag brush ng teeth 3 times a day although nagiging 2 lang hehe and now sa baby girl ko kahit pahirapan ok lang atleast hnd masisira ang teeth niya. And now I let them choose what toothpaste gusto nila which is Happee Strawberry hehehe your post is very helpful :)

    1. The fact that both you and your husband are there to brush your kids' teeth means you're hands-on parents! =D


This is all pretty new to me so please feel free to share your mommy wisdom!