Monday, December 22, 2014

Kids' art wall made special with washi tape

I posted my kids' improved art wall over at Instagram and Facebook a few days ago and it was such a hit that I'm going to share it with my readers!

Here's the history of that wall:
It was an accident really. My kids started putting stickers on a blank wall (see white wall behind the costumed cuties) and I was just too exhausted to peel them off. So we just started taping up the kids' artwork randomly. They loved it! I loved it, too. Sorta. I didn't like how haphazard the arts and crafts projects looked on my wall.

So I used washi tape to secure the art. Unfortunately, there were two problems: First, this washi tape kept peeling off, and second, if I used washi tape on all four sides for each artwork, I'm going to run out of washi tape fast. And washi tape isn't exactly cheap!

I posted my problem over at Facebook and my friends who are either supermoms or crafts queens (or both!) came to my rescue. Because most washi tape is made for paper, it's not strong enough to stick to walls. So everyone recommended MT washi tape. It is not cheap. I got a set of four rolls at Fully Booked for P600. I was so shocked!

To get the most mileage out of that expensive tape, Martine of Make It Blissful sent me a photo of a wall with washi tape frames. It was such a brilliant idea! I implemented the idea one afternoon while the kids were napping. Look!
Soooo fab! Sooo brilliant! Soooo super mommy!

With washi tape frames, these happened:
1. The art wall looks organized.
2. The art wall looks festive!
3. The kids' art looks pro. Seriously! Because they're framed, they look better!
4. I don't need to use more washi tape!

I also like how I can use the frames to post anything the kids did—not just art on paper. We did these foam monsters, for example. I also posted Vito's certificate of completion in a sports program. You seriously can post anything and it will look great!

Best of all, once there's new art, the kids choose which old art to take down and replace. So I don't feel guilty and the kids don't feel sad because we all feel like the old art has had its time on the art wall and it's time to give chance to the new art.

I love my washi frames on the art wall! Try it, too!

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  1. That looks great! Do you follow any sizing?

  2. Love it! If we had an extra wall I'd do that :D Super cool!


This is all pretty new to me so please feel free to share your mommy wisdom!