Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Review: Mommy Mundo Mom 24/7 Planner (and a giveaway!)

Photo heavy post because I'm doing a big review on the Mommy Mundo Mom 24/7 2015 Planner!

As you can see, the cover is a Topaz Mommy favorite: gray chevron! I guess I can't use that print on the cover of my planner should I ever come up with a Topaz Mommy planner!

Anyway, the front and back covers are thick and hard and sturdy, which is perfect for busy moms who throw their planners into bags and onto desks. But, as you can see from my photo, it dents easily, too, so maybe it's not so perfect for super O.C. moms who throw their planners into bags and onto desks.

The first page is the owner's info sheet. Very simple and no-nonsense. I like that. I don't like info sheets na sandimakmak ang info.

Page 2 is the first month of the year. I like that it's immediately the month. Usually kasi ang mga planners parang mga libro: may copyright page, may letter from the editor/publisher, may "how to use this planner," "how to make this your best year," etc. I like those, too, to be honest, but I like also how Mom 24/7 goes straight to your year!

The monthly calendar is followed by a weekly chart. There's the months (previous and next) and a motherhood quote by celeb moms on top, and spaces for notes and goals at the bottom.

What makes this unique is that the family's schedule is planned with Mom's schedule. I guess that's great if you have three kids. But if you have one or two, sayang ang space. If you have four or more, kulang naman. And asan ang schedule ni daddy? By not including space for dad's schedule, this calendar makes him insignificant.

I also feel that the column for Mom/Kids is sayang sa space since you write down the day's details under the day itself. What does one write in that column? I decided I can use that space for the week's goals and reminders... except I remembered the bottom part: 
I also suggest getting rid of so many lines. Lines make the page look busier, adding more stress to one's mind. Or make the lines thinner or lighter so that it looks more elegant.

There's a bookmark with the brand name. I like that it's a real bookmark and not a ribbon (although I like ribbons, too!). Although sana this bookmark has a quote, like maybe the year's theme, or an empowering word.

After all the 12 months are done, the section Pages & Perks follows. It's more of a health record for the family actually. This is a good idea because you have your family's health information at your fingertips (if you bring your planner everywhere, like I do). On the other hand, I think that information should be in a more permanent place kasi ibig sabihin nito, every year I'll have to fill out these sheets. Parang ma-effort masyado.

The next pages are tools for the fun stuff, like parties and vacations, and then the serious stuff like money and household management.

I just find it strange that there's just one page each for these tools. I mean, okay, maybe the party planner, baka nga naman Noche Buena lang ang party mo sa buong taon, but diba tayong mga mommies usually we throw a small party for each of our kids' birthdays? So kulang siya for me.

Yung vacation planner, okay. Baka nga naman isang major trip sa summer and isa pa sa Christmas break so go, okay na ang one page. But yung menu maker, there ought to be 52 pages because it's a weekly plan and there are 52 weeks in a year.
Six days? I guess Sundays mean going out or calling in meals!
I think only the bank account info is useful.
Great idea to write down what the family needs for reference! 

The last part of the Mommy Mundo Mom 24/7 Planner features discount coupons. So hooray for moms who love to shop!

What I loved:

  • The hard cover. I don't mind that it gets dented. I'm not precious with my things. In fact, the more battered my things get, the more I love them. But not too tattered naman so maganda yung sturdy covers.
  • The simplicity and straightforwardness. No frills, no illustrations, no "What is Mommy Mundo?" and branding like that. I like that it goes straight to your day!
  • The grocery essentials. You can just check that basic list every time you make the shopping list!
  • The price. It's a very friendly P395 lang!

What needs improvement:

  • The lines need to be toned down. There's too many and they're too dark. Too busy and stressful!
  • Add daddy's schedule.
  • I really think one page for the Menu Maker is just wrong. Either make it 52 pages or remove it altogether. 
  • Add a pocket for receipts, notes, bills, etc. 

For more info on the Mommy Mundo Mom 24/7 2015 Planner and where to buy it, click here.

Or you can leave a comment below telling me what your favorite Topaz Mommy blog entry is because I'm giving away my Mommy Mundo Mom 24/7 2015 Planner!!!

Leave your Facebook account name or Twitter handle so I know how to contact you in case you win.

Yes, that's all! Oh, and you need to have a Philippine address. Giveaway ends exactly 24 hours from now. So that's Dec 31, 12:30am. Good luck!

*This planner was given to me. This is not a sponsored giveaway. I'm just giving it away because I already bought a planner!


Winner is Dane Relente! Congrats! Send me a message at my FB Topaz Horizon page to claim your planner!

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  1. Hi Frances! I got really excited when I saw your post (on Facebook) about a planner giveaway that's specifically designed for mommies! I'm one of your readers since before you had children. And I can totally relate when you wrote this article : Parenting Can Be Depressing (from August 2014). You see, my hubby and I manage a yaya-less household and yup, 3 growing kids (12, 6 and 4y/o). Plus, 3 online jobs! Although I can't really complain as these are blessings. Its just that sometimes, things get in the way. :)

  2. Yay! My favorite Topaz Mommy entry is My One Mommy Heartbreak. I only have one baby but I have a baby brother who's been my baby for the longest time. That post really hit me. So there! Twitter handle is @reigningstill :)

  3. My favorite Topaz Mommy blog entry would be "Loving my three sons." We may not be perfect but we can love our children perfectly.

    Facebook: laiesteban

  4. This blog post is my favorite of all ! "Pregnant mommy guilt"
    I felt the same when i was pregnant with my second child. I felt like crying everyday. I always thought I will only love my first child the most but it was not like that pala. You can love another child same same pala.

    well anyways I left a comment as well for that post kasi nga I was so affected haha!!

    here it is :

    Hi mommy topaz! I feel for you! I know that it is never easy to do much things but when you are a mom you can't just seat back and relax. I as well most of the time feel guilty now a days that I do not get to attend to my eldest who is now turning 8yrs old _ (btw I just gave birth and my 2nd child just turned 5 mos yesterday) while before I give full attention to her. I am always looking after my 2nd girl since she needs more attention than ate. For me it is hardest to keep my time divided with my two girls. I thought I have to have equal time for them. It is even harder for you coz this is now your 3rd and inigo as you said is clingy but good thing vito is independent.

    I will pray for baby chicken that he stay safe in your tummy and for you to be always healthy and your boys too. I hope to meet you soon!


    sakin nalang yang planner na yan plss. here is my blog link


    1. You won! May quoted comment kasi! =D Congrats! Send me a message at my FB Topaz Horizon page to claim your planner!

    2. wow!! thanks po!! hahhaa Sabi ko na it will add pag nilagy ko yung comment lol! I will pm you later. God bless you! see you soon! :)

      thanks ulit excited na ko sa planner hhahaha

  5. This blog about the planner is detailed so i know what is in the planner for easy choosing. I also liked the physiogel products entry. Happy New Year!
    abigail ong

  6. I love the washi tape entry (http://www.mommytopaz.com/2014/12/kids-art-wall-made-special-with-washi.html#.VKI9JV4AFA) I like the suggestion because I love decorating and looking for fun things to use without spending too much. love the way you use them and we can change the photos anytime we want. I reinforced it with a matte clear tape though so it will stick better on the wall.
    FB: Feng Manlapaz
    Twitter: bumblinbitterbug

  7. Hi Frances! My favorite post is your story on having a second baby, "My one mommy heartbreak". I was able to read it last year while I was pregnant with my second, though it was posted almost two years back. I just had that same sentiment and thought reading this could help because we're going through the same thing. After reading, I love my 1st son even more. I also missed the times when he was just a baby and it's just us playing. Now with another member, whose name is also Inigo (because I find your 2nd son so cute that I named my son after him), it's double the stress but double the fun. My Fb is May P. Idea

  8. I love your post about "My Life in Luxury" and your post about how you feel every Mother's Day... I really really admire your honesty and how you express it in so much clarity. I definitely enjoy your posts kasi kahisponsored posts mo still echoes honesty and truthfulness. I have actually went to your OB too at St. Lukes but we didn't click.. And I am purchasing Mustela products for my baby, and now i'm in contact with Ria for my baby's name!!! You sell a lot of things to me frances. You make me spend!!! But they are worth a try. 😊


  9. Hi Frances, I wanna have that planner! :D Since I'm about to deliver my 2nd baby in 4 days time, my fave Topaz Mommy blog entry which have been helpful to me is your "My hospital bag is packed" entry. I was also pregnant with my 1st born in 2012 when I was looking for hospital bag checklist and found your blog entry. Just last week I had to read it again for me to be able to prepare my bag with my 2nd.:)

    More power to you and have a HAPPY & EXCITING motherhood!

    my FB:https://www.facebook.com/eccentricdrill1925
    my Twitter & IG: Eccentric_Drill

  10. Hi Ms. Frances. I saw you in the last BDJ Box Social held in SM North Edsa during the BDj box beauty ministers talk with ms. Nicole Romero, Barbie Chan, etc. Anyway, I don't post comments often because chores get in the way... but my 2 favorite posts are the 'My Favorite BDJ Box Finds' and 'God bless mothers'. You are one of my mommy pegs because you are able to juggle motherhood, work and marriage. I for one still have a hard time and having a planner will help me nanage my time and priorities. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ♥

    Facebook name: Iza Therese (Sheng) shengmarasigan@yahoo.com


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