Sunday, December 28, 2014

Topaz Mommy is 5 years old

Today, this very day, is the 5th anniversary of Topaz Mommy. I started mommy blogging five years ago today when I announced my pregnancy.

And oh what an adventure it's been!

Reading that very first blog post now fills me with so much emotion. I remember my fears mostly. Now, five years later, I just want to hold newly pregnant me in my arms and tell her, "You're going to be just fine. You are going to love this new adventure so much, you're going to have babies back to back!"

Haha, if newly pregnant me heard that, she'd scream and burst into tears!

But, yes, I really love being a mama. I don't enjoy every minute of it, nope. Some days, oh dear heaven, talaga namang feeling ko masisiraan ako ng bait. Especially now that Vito, 4, and Iñigo, 2, are fighting all the time. Really drives us nuts! But happy nuts. Always happy. I can't imagine life otherwise. Honest-to-goodness truth yan! Every time Vince and I start dreaming of stealing away for a weekend because our kids have driven us up against the wall yet again, we realize quickly that a weekend away from our kids may be quiet but it will not be fun. It won't even be peaceful because we'll just be worrying about those critters. We love our silly, exasperating, exhausting, crazy, wonderful little boys!

On the fifth anniversary of Topaz Mommy, I want to tell you that a great deal of my love for motherhood is because of you, my dear readers. Whenever I was in despair over some motherhood issue—big or small, real or imagined—you swooped in and helped me out. The past five years have been filled with love and encouragement from you. You were always there, giving advice, sending virtual hugs, sending gifts to my house, calming me down, telling me I'm normal, I'm okay, don't freak out. The wisdom and comfort of shared motherhood! I feel so blessed to have you! Thank you!

I know that I haven't really blogged a lot about my life this year. I blogged regularly enough but these posts were mostly sponsored. That's because I had a really busy year—was pregnant, gave birth, have two little boys growing up fast, got two new jobs. I was living life and had no time or energy to document it! It's a little sad that I missed telling you all about my third pregnancy (it was mostly miserable), Piero's milestones, Inigo's cute but terrible twos, Vito's first time to go to school. Toilet training, my feelings about school, juggling motherhood and work again, raising three spirited boys (yes, Piero is makulit na grabe!).

I am so grateful that I'm married to a man who rescues me from a lot of parenting duties. Many moms wonder how I do it and it's really simple. My secret is Vince. He is really my partner in raising our kids. He feeds them, gives them baths, plays with them, disciplines them, entertains them. He does all these every single day! Dear Vince, my wonderful husband and the super dad of the #SalesVIP boys, thank you so much for saving me from insanity and despair!

He should be the one with a parenting blog. Seriously. I'm flailing about every day, not really knowing what I'm doing, just hoping my love will be enough. Then there's Vince! Do you think he should do a daddy blog?

Anyway, we're entering the sixth year of mommy blogging. I don't really know what my plans are for this blog. My eldest boy is 4 and he's in preschool, and I made a vow to not post photos of my kids' faces when they turn 6. So what happens to Topaz Mommy when the readers don't see my kids? Will you still hang around? I know the real reason you're here is because of the kids! It's not me haha.

Well, we have time to decide, I guess. After all, my youngest is still only half-a-year old. Still, as today proves, the years do go by quickly. I wonder what's in store for Topaz Mommy.

Five years. It does not feel like 5 years. You have been my friends for 5 years. Thank you for being here all this time, dear readers. My family and I are grateful for the love, support and friendship. You have really made a big difference in our lives. God bless you!

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  1. Congrats! Happy to say that I have been reading since day 1 =)

  2. Happy Blogiversary Ms. Frances

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights with us..
    I have been following your blogs almost a year na since I became a full time mom.
    Looking forward to read your 2015 mommy adventures ❤

  3. Happy blog anniversary. Please continue to share your gift of word and inspiration to fellow flailing mommies like me. Here's to more crazy, touching and funny mommy moments!

  4. Congratulations Frances!! You have a wonderful family to be grateful of.. We will be hear reading your posts all the way. You can have more babies naman to post their pictures diba if Vito turned 6? hihihi..

  5. I remember googling Vince's Life a year ago, that's how I found your blog and I was hooked! I have backread almost every entry- your stories about your early career life, how you met Vince- how you proposed to him with a Sony PS3!, Vince taking over the blog to tell your birthing stories, the intimate birthday parties you throw for your kids, your papa and mama, you being a Christian and of course the three adorable #SalesVIPs! You've inspired me to be a better Christian and a better momma! To say that I love your blog is an understatement; it has changed the way I live my life. Thank you for the wonderful (and honest) stories that you always share! May God bless you more and more blessings and happiness! Happy 5th anniversary to your blog, Frances! ❤️

  6. Awww happy 5 years! Thanks for sharing your life to your readers! Beautiful family!!!

  7. Happy Anniversary, Topaz Mommy! I will be very sad when I don't see your kids here. Haha! Ok, i will excuse Vito but let me savor more cuteness overload from Inigo and Piero, ok? :D

  8. Happy anniversary, Frances! You have such a lovely, lovely, lovely family. Your marriage and motherhood stories inspire me. :)

  9. Oh wow! I still remember those times when you talk about not having any babies in the other blog but now you have 3 wonderful kids. You all look very very happy. Vito is all grown up. How time flies.

    I know this is late but happy anniversary!

  10. Oh hello! I forgot to reply! THANKS SOOOO MUCH EVERYBODY! And thank you for reading my blog all these years =D Mwah! God bless you all!


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